AtlasConcorde Neskuchniy Sad Restaurant Russia 030

Neskuchniy Sad

Various Atlas Concorde collections were used inside the architectural project of the Neskuchniy Sad Restaurant. These include stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, for a trendy venue with contemporary design.

Located in the heart of Moscow, it is the ideal location for business lunches, events and ceremonies, a place where the kitchen claddings and indoor floors combine to create welcoming and functional spaces.

Three Atlas Concorde collections were used in the planning: Advance, Magnifique and Etic. Thanks to their high-performing technical features, they are ideal products as kitchen tiles and all indoor commercial spaces.

The Neskuchniy restaurant is an innovative ambience in which to experience taste sensations of the highest quality, where concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles add a remarkable metropolitan mood.

Attention to detail is at the very heart of the project and translates into excellent kitchen claddings and indoor floors of outstanding quality. Advance is porcelain stoneware that gathers inspiration from natural stones and features a tremendous depth of design richness. In contrast, Magnifique is a white-body wall cladding notable for a catchy aesthetics consisting of curved lines that freely entwine. Last, but by no means least, is Etic, porcelain stoneware that brings the timeless fascination of age old wood to commercial areas.

The Neskuchniy Sad restaurant seats a total of 250 people and is the ideal place for private and business dining. For those who prefer fashionable nights out, the restaurant hosts concerts with DJ sets and live music, while in summer it is possible to dine outside, on the comfortable panoramic terrace.


Moscow, Russian Federation

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