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Olympus Health

The ultra-elegant environment could easily convince you that you are a star stepping into a five star hotel, rather than entering a hospital. Make no mistake, this is Olympus Health, the largest private hospital of Voronezh, in south-west Russia.

The stylish areas, the gleaming objects d’art and furnishing elements that adorn the spaces and the meticulous attention to detail place this medical centre among the best in the world of healthcare, offering patients and their families what can only be described as a superb experience in hospitality, on top of their medical and health care.

With its seven floors, each serving a different branch of medicine, Olympus Health owes much of its prestige to the materials chosen for its interior floors and walls, which wield the Atlas Concorde brand.

Different inspirations from nature are brought together by a common denominator, a particular notion of architecture that expresses its own distinctive style in the explosion of detail, the wide expansive spaces and the continuous interplay between light, shadow and reflections.

In this way, the different selections of porcelain tiles used in the various areas, all inspired by different natural elements, immediately undersign an overall architectural harmony that takes it cue from its surroundings to express itself more fully. The solidity of stone-effect ceramics is reciprocated by the charm of marble-effect porcelain tiles, interpreted in the different collections according to the diverse contexts and perspectives.

The vertical walls of the day time clinics are enlivened by the precious essence of wood-look ceramics which perfectly echo the elegance at the heart of the entire facility. Surfaces embellished with richly detailed graphics depicting the typical chromatic patterns of wood bestow a touch of modern glamour to these areas.

Olympus Health also boast areas embellished with hints of metal, proposed in a ceramic key to offer a thoroughly modern interpretation. This compelling minimalism, in combination with the highly detailed depiction of shadows and markings, becomes a totally unique feature of style in areas endowed with metal-effect porcelain tiles.

The ceramic collections used to appoint Olympus Health are: Supernova Stone, Heat, Privilege, AstonWood, Sinua and Marvel Pro.


Voronezh, Russian Federation
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Inside the project
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