AtlasConcorde Villa Privata Ungheria 004

Private villa in Budapest

A bright residential space located in Budapest, designed by architects at the Kamaras Studio using the stunning and natural marble-look wall tiles of Marvel Wall Design collection.
The evocative power of the space lies in the tremendous personalisation of the walls thanks to the decors that emphasise the kitchen tiles and the living room. The indoor areas stand out thanks to the floors and walls of Marvel Wall Design and Marvel Floor Design collections: technical and appealing solutions for a design project where the beauty of marble finds a perfect synthesis with contemporary design. The project is characterised by the honed finish of Marvel Grey Stone, the floors of the kitchen, the living room and the stairs covered with Marvel Wall Design, combine aesthetics and functionality in an original way: colours and brilliance do not alter over time and withstand stains and chemicals. A rich set of mosaics and damask decors gives a touch of character to every space of the house and allows for exclusive personalisation.
Budapest, Hungary
Design by
Kamaras Studio
Inside the project
Inside the project
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