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Seilbahn Zugpiste

At 2,962 meters, Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. It is home to three glaciers, four restaurants and an extraordinary 360° panorama with views of over 400 Alpine peaks of four different nations.

In such locations, where the spectacle offered by nature reaches heavenly levels of perfection, anything added by man must be delicate, elegant and in line with the triumph of natural colors and elements. And this was precisely the concept underlying the architectural project for the furnishing of some indoor areas of the facilities – including the valley cable car station, a restaurant, the bathrooms and the panoramic terrace – which called for the use of Atlas Concorde porcelain tile floors and white body wall tiles.

Inspired by different natural materials, the ceramic collections used are in full harmony with the varied and constantly evolving landscape. The bold surfaces rich in natural details of the stone-effect porcelain tiles – unique in their ability to reinterpret the finest nuances of the original material in a ceramic surface – and the wood-effect tiles – ideal for filling spaces with the refined simplicity and priceless warmth of wood – have found their proper place, creating a surreal harmony between the natural and the artificial.

Completing the picture is the powerful energy of three-dimensional wall tiles, chosen to create spectacular backdrops with a geometric and decorative texture that enriches the surrounding environments.

The ceramic collections used for the project are: Brave, Arkshade, Block in and Axi.


Grainau, Germany
Inside the project
Inside the project
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