Atlas Concorde Hotel Mirage Romania 011

Spa Hotel Mirage

Combining beauty, practicality and extreme versatility, Atlas Concorde's interpretation of natural stone in porcelain tiles take center stage at the Mirage Resort.
Selected to decorate the floors and walls in the resort's spa, located in the historic region of Transylvania in the town of Viseu de Sus, the Atlas Concorde stone-effect collection gives the rooms great visual strength and solid expressiveness, where you can feel in harmony with the environment. Surface roughness and quartz crystals create the same sparkling effects as natural stone, giving the surfaces full realism by contrasting light and shadows. Combining esthetics and functionality, the non-slip Grip tiles on the floor make it possible to design a space that recalls the beauty of stone while ensuring maximum safety. To complete the furnishings of the room, the rough, accentuated elegance of the 3D texture adds three-dimensionality to the walls, softened by the delicate movement of its veins.
Viseu de sus, Romania
Design by
Roxana Dan architecture
Inside the project
Inside the project
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