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Tokyu Harvest

The Tokyu Harvest Atami Club is a marvellous resort immersed in the greenery of the Sagamy Bay in Japan, where the buildings make best use of a combination of wood-look porcelain tiles and stone-look porcelain tiles able to perfectly integrated with the alluring natural surroundings.

The terrace flooring combines, in perfect balance, the stone-look porcelain tiles of the Stay collection and the wood-look gres porcelain of the Doga series, in textured finish.

Stay brings the appeal of stone and an engulfing sensation of naturalness to hospitality venues, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of resistance, hygiene and safety to terrace floors. Its minimal and simple surface is perfect to dress the clean shapes of this hospitality space.

The textured surface of the Doga series combines a warm and natural effect with the excellent features of Atlas Concorde wood-look porcelain tiles for a surface characterised by knots and veining, so typical of the most precious sand-blasted wood. 

Atami, Japan

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