AtlasConcorde Zazio's Restaurant USA 007

Zazio's Restaurant and Trust Building

The building that houses Zazio’s Restaurant is refi ned and elegant with very carefully conceived spaces.

Flooring and wall tiles are from Atlas Concorde and were chosen by the architect Eckert Wordell to characterize the settings and harmonize the decorative elements and styles of each space. In the entrance hall, a dialogue is enacted between the geometric designs of the flooring, realized using Glow 60x60 and an interpretation of the Mosaico Dek, together with the coffered ceiling, further refi ned with glass and metal light fittings. The restaurant bathrooms are elliptical in shape, picking up the lively colour of the rooms with the use of View Green wall tiles 30.5x56 format and Inserto Line decors of the same colour.

Birmingham (MI), United States
Design by
Eckert Wordell

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