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Press Release - Atlas Concorde invests in large porcelain slabs

Atlas Concorde announces a significant investment to boost the production of large ceramic slabs in Italy.
  • The investment of over 60 million euros in the Finale Emilia plant will strengthen Atlas Concorde's leadership in the segment of large porcelain slabs and is in addition to the 160 million euros allocated over the last five years for logistical and industrial development.
  • The plant is expected to start production of large slabs in June 2023.

  • The facility will be built with the most advanced production technologies and will reach the highest standards of sustainability in the ceramic tile industry. The additional surface area of the new complex will be 35,000 square meters and will be covered by solar panels capable of generating up to 3,850 MWh per year, with a consequent reduction of 2,000 tons of CO2. It will also ensure very low concentrations of polluting emissions.
  • The plant will be "Hydrogen Ready" for the future introduction of hydrogen into the production process.

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Fiorano Modenese, Italy – Atlas Concorde announces an investment for the expansion of the Finale Emilia facility with a new line dedicated to the production of large porcelain slabs. The goal of the operation is to consolidate Atlas Concorde's leadership as an international partner for all ceramic surfaces.

In addition to the 160 million euros already allocated over the last five years to increase its operational capacity, the company will invest a further 60 million euros which is expected to generate a 60% increase in the current number of jobs at the Finale Emilia site, mainly involving qualified professionals such as engineers and experts. The new plant will produce Italian-made porcelain slabs in large sizes for the more than 120 countries served worldwide.

Environmental sustainability will be one of the key assets of the investment. Thanks to a modern photovoltaic system, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are expected to be reduced by about 2,000 tons per year. Construction has already started and production is scheduled to launch in June 2023.

"The investment announced today further strengthens our production of large porcelain slabs and demonstrates our desire to support the growth of our customers in a competitive landscape where ceramic slabs are becoming as popular as the large porcelain tiles and ceramic wall tiles that the company continues to develop. It also underscores Atlas Concorde's commitment to contributing to a zero-carbon future through the application of the highest standards of sustainability”, observed Maurizio Mazzotti, CEO of Atlas Concorde "Our warmest thanks go to all the institutions, public administrations, and social forces in the area who have proven to be crucial partners in the development of this project."

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Atlas Concorde is one of the leading players in the global ceramic tile market. It has always been the ideal partner for customers and designers seeking excellent porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles that can meet the needs of contemporary architecture and design. Continuous innovation, technological research, Italian style, international outlook, social and environmental responsibility: these are the values that have always guided Atlas Concorde towards the greatest achievement, the next one. Atlas Concorde brands, and in particular Atlas Plan, give form to the development of the company in the field of large ceramic tiles.


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