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Press Release - Atlas Concorde wins 3 Red Dot Award in the product design 2023 category

Three Atlas Concorde innovations won the prestigious 2023 Red Dot award in the Product Design category.

Considered one of the most coveted and prestigious in the world, the Red Dot Design Award is synonymous with excellence and is recognized by industry professionals as a certificate of quality design. The 2023 edition recognized the creative scope and innovation of Atlas Concorde by rewarding three of its products in the Product Design category: the exclusive hammered finish featured in the Marvel X collection, the Marvel Gala collection with its range of beautiful colors inspired by natural gemstones, and the five decors in the Marvel Travertine collection, created exclusively for Atlas Concorde by HBA, one of the world's leading interior design studios. Marvel X, Marvel Gala, and Marvel Travertine are the three collections that Atlas Concorde launched to celebrate ten successful years of Marvel World, the project with which the company has explored the esthetics of the finest marbles selected around the world, further crowned by these authoritative international awards.

The criteria applied by an international jury of 43 members from over 20 countries, which examined thousands of applications from around the world, are based on the "research of design and innovation" and the ability of a product to set a new standard in its category, qualities that have always set apart the Atlas Concorde company.


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MARVEL X HAMMERED | Atlas Concorde style office

The original and exclusive hammered finish of the Marvel X collection reproduces the appearance of natural, unpolished split stone, as if freshly quarried. Atlas Concorde is projecting its marble-effect surfaces into the future with this significant innovation applied to five surfaces inspired by the most widely used marbles in furniture and architecture, which, with their shades of white and gray, create the ideal backdrop for contemporary spaces: Calacatta Apuano, Sublime and Perla, Fior di Bosco and Grey Cloud, inspired by a refined Brazilian quartzite.

Statement by the jury.

The Hammered finish of the Marvel X - Hammered Surface collection is a porcelain surface that mimics the aesthetics of natural hammered and brushed marble. Utilizing Sensitech's innovative technology, these indoor floor tiles are slip-resistant, comfortable to the touch and easy to maintain. The porcelain stoneware products can also be used for exterior cladding due to their durability and weather resistance. This tile collection successfully combines a natural, matte marble look with high resistance, making it a convincing, uncomplicated tile for indoor and outdoor use, the jury evaluated.

MARVEL GALA | Atlas Concorde style office

The collection is inspired by five stones with picturesque beauty: marbles, crystals, granites and quartzites with strong, bold tones. Intense colors with a well-defined identity, intended to transform architectural spaces into areas where elegance and refinement can be expressed. With its warm white body furrowed by beige, gray, and gold veins, the Crystal White version recalls the sparkle of Alaskan glaciers, while the texture of the Desert Soul version reinterprets a quartzite of volcanic origin mined in South America. Its alternating shades of white, black, beige, and brown are traversed by golden veins, recalling the California desert landscape illuminated by the morning sun. Exotic Green explores emerald and sage shades to evoke tropical forests. It is characterized by a uniform background interspersed with a weave of variegated veins in crystalline white, dark gray, and amber.The Amazzonite surface, on the other hand, is a bright turquoise, reminiscent of the depths of the tropical seabed with unexpected and striking contrasting white, beige, black, and gold veins alternating with gray crystalline inclusions.Completing the range is Calacatta Black, the evening gown of marble-effect tiles, a reminder of Iceland's volcanic soils with alluring gray and black hues.


Statement by the jury

 The Marvel Gala ceramic tile collection is inspired by striking natural stones that reference different landscapes. The Calacatta Black tile, for example, is inspired by black Calacatta marble and volcanic landscapes, while Amazzonite is a coating that echoes the bright turquoise of Brazilian Amazonite quartzite and is said to evoke tropical seas. In all, the collection includes five different surfaces, all characterized by distinct, bold hues. The large format of the tiles ensures graphic continuity when the tiles are laid. The jury liked the expressive aesthetics of the porcelain stoneware.



The five decors in the Marvel Travertine collection, which celebrates the majesty of travertine marble, are the result of a partnership between Atlas Concorde and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), one of the most important international interior design and architecture firms specialized in the design of world-renowned hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, restaurants, cruise ships, and high-class residences. In addition to having shared research on the potential of the travertine look with Atlas Concorde, HBA exclusively signed a proposal for decors suitable for any type of residential, commercial, and hospitality project: Tassellation, a mosaic composed of dynamically interlocking triangles and squares; Origami, a mosaic that is inspired by the Japanese art of the same name and creates the three-dimensional illusion of rhombuses protruding from the surface; Basketweave, regular interlocking decoration moved by the different direction of the veins; Chiseled Urban Grid, a decoration characterized by a balanced succession of marks and incisions across the surface, with a minimal line pattern inspired by ancient stone carving techniques; Diamond, where radiating geometries blend with refined inclusions of precious metals.

Statement by the jury

 Marvel Travertine - Decor Range is a collection of porcelain tiles and decorative patterns in a travertine look, available in three colour shades of white, sand and pearl. These mimic the finish of the naturally occurring stone. The vein cut reproduces the typical, striped look of the travertine, while the cross cut gives the impression that the material has been cut against the natural stone layering. The floor impresses with its simple elegance, looks true to nature and is versatile due to the contemporary, linear patterns, enthused the jury. The floor impresses with its simple elegance, looks true to nature and is versatile due to the contemporary, linear patterns, enthused the jury.

Born in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award continues its scouting of products that combine form and function, and that increasingly are manufactured thanks to the progress of production technologies. In keeping with this spirit, the products presented by Atlas Concorde set a new standard for ceramic tiles through an increasingly sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and contemporary selection.

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