Customizable Bathroom Shelves

A design surface to furnish the bathroom with a porcelain countertop available in different sizes and finishes. It is an element that combines beauty, strength and versatility. Thanks to the qualities of porcelain stoneware, it guarantees excellent performance in every context and resists against stains, dirt, water and aggressive detergents.
AtlasConcorde Habitat-Contract 001 00 BoostPro Clay-Ivory

› Bespoke porcelain surface

› Position and size of the holes for the washbasin made to measure

› Suitable for any bowl model

› No minimum number of pieces to be ordered

› Resistant

› Easy to clean

AtlasConcorde Habitat-Contract SHELF
AtlasConcorde Habitat-Contract 008 00 Cover
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 008 03 Ash-Kaolin
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