Villa with industrial-look swimming pool

An outdoor project that shines just like metal
The oxidised metal look, in its most representative colour, expresses the contemporary soul of a large villa with a swimming pool. Unlike real metal slabs outdoors, Blaze remains unchanged over time, maintaining its unmistakeable industrial beauty. The Corten colour strengthens the character of the architecture and denotes the open spaces on the green whilst, within, the luminosity of Aluminium dilates the settings, embellishing them with silver reflections.
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 00 Corten
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 04 Corten
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 02 Corten
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 05 Corten-Aluminium
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 06 Corten-Aluminium
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 03 Corten
AtlasConcorde Blaze 007 01 Corten
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