AtlasConcorde Boost 006 00 White
Outdoor design
From indoor to outdoor

Gardens, pools and urban furnishing: with Atlas Concorde outdoor products it is possible to combine maximum design freedom with exceptional technical performance.

AtlasConcorde Boost 006 03 White
Aesthetic continuity between inside and out

With the Atlas Concorde outdoor range, it is possible to conceive the outdoor as a natural extension of indoor spaces. External spaces become the ideal context in which to enjoy intense moments of calm and sharing, far from the chaos of daily life.

Outdoor environments
The Outdoor collections
Stone look
AtlasConcorde Brave Gypsum 60x60 Textured AXAT
Brave Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Brave Gypsum 60x60 Textured AXAT
Brave Pearl
AtlasConcorde Brave Grey 60x60 Textured AXAV
Brave Grey
AtlasConcorde Brave Earth 60x60 Textured AXAW
Brave Earth
AtlasConcorde Brave Coke 60x60 Textured AXAX
Brave Coke
AtlasConcorde Echo Light 90x90 Textured AON8
Echo Light
AtlasConcorde Echo Mid 90x9 Textured AON9
Echo Mid
AtlasConcorde Echo Grey 90x90 Textured ANYH
Echo Grey
AtlasConcorde Klif Silver 75x75 Matte ANXT
Klif Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif Grey 90x90 Matte AOET
Klif Grey
AtlasConcorde Klif Dark 90x90 Matte AOEU
Klif Dark
AtlasConcorde Kone White 60X60 Matte AUK8
Kone White
AtlasConcorde Kone Beige 30X60 Matte AULF
Kone Beige
AtlasConcorde Kone Silver 60X60 Polished AUJ1 R
Kone Silver
AtlasConcorde Kone Pearl 120x120 Matte AULP
Kone Pearl
AtlasConcorde Kone Grey 120x120 Matte AULQ
Kone Grey
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone ClauzettoWhite 60x60 Textured AZQR
Marvel Stone Clauzetto White
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone DesertBeige 60x60 Matte AZQ8
Marvel Stone Desert Beige
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone CardosoElegant 60x60 Textured AZQP
Marvel Stone Cardoso Elegant
AtlasConcorde MarvelStone BasaltinaVolcano 30x60 Textured D119
Marvel Stone Basaltina Volcano
AtlasConcorde Seastone White 60x60 Textured 8S30
Seastone White
AtlasConcorde Seastone Sand 60x60 Textured 8S29
Seastone Sand
AtlasConcorde Seastone Greige 60x60 Textured 8S28
Seastone Greige
AtlasConcorde Seastone Gray 60x60 Textured 8S27
Seastone Gray
AtlasConcorde Seastone Black 60x60 Textured 8S26
Seastone Black
AtlasConcorde Sunrock JerusalemIvory 60x60 Textured 7N5F
Sunrock Jerusalem Ivory
AtlasConcorde Sunrock BourgogneSand 60x60 Textured 7N5G
Sunrock Bourgogne Sand
AtlasConcorde Sunrock RapolanoBeige 60x60 Textured 7N5H
Sunrock Rapolano Beige
AtlasConcorde Trust Ivory 60x60 Textured AY4B
Trust Ivory
AtlasConcorde Trust Gold 60x60 Textured ABLI
Trust Gold
AtlasConcorde Trust Silver 30x60 Matte ACEI
Trust Silver
Trust Copper
AtlasConcorde Trust Titanium 60x60 Textured ABLK
Trust Titanium
Concrete look
AtlasConcorde Boost White 120x120 Grip AMGN 1
Boost White
AtlasConcorde Boost Grey 120x120 Grip AMGP 1
Boost Grey
AtlasConcorde Boost Smoke 120x120 Grip AMGQ 1
Boost Smoke
AtlasConcorde Boost Tarmac 120x120 Grip AMGR 1
Boost Tarmac
AtlasConcorde Evolve White 60x60 Textured ANC5
Evolve White
AtlasConcorde Evolve Ice 60x60 Textured ANC6
Evolve Ice
AtlasConcorde Evolve Suede 60x60 Textured ANC7
Evolve Suede
AtlasConcorde Evolve Concrete 60x60 Textured ANC8
Evolve Concrete
AtlasConcorde Evolve Moka 60x60 Textured ANC9
Evolve Moka
AtlasConcorde Evolve Night 60x60 Textured ANDB
Evolve Night
AtlasConcorde Evolve Silver 60x60 Textured AND7
Evolve Silver
AtlasConcorde Evolve Iron 60x60 Textured AND8
Evolve Iron
AtlasConcorde Mark Gypsum 60x60 Textured AMUF
Mark Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Mark Pearl 60x60 Matte AS6O
Mark Pearl
AtlasConcorde Mark Clay 60x60 Textured AMUI
Mark Clay
AtlasConcorde Mark Tobacco 60x60 Matte AS6S
Mark Tobacco
AtlasConcorde Mark Chrome 60x60 Matte AMTS
Mark Chrome
AtlasConcorde Mark Graphite 75x75 Matte AS6A
Mark Graphite
AtlasConcorde Arkshade White 120x120 Matte AUG1
Arkshade White
AtlasConcorde Arkshade Clay 120X120 Matte AUG2
Arkshade Clay
AtlasConcorde Arkshade Dove 120X120 Matte AUG3
Arkshade Dove
AtlasConcorde Arkshade Grey 120X120 Matte AUG4
Arkshade Grey
AtlasConcorde Arkshade Lead 60x60 Matte AUGC
Arkshade Lead
Wood look
AtlasConcorde Axi WhitePine 22.5x90 Textured AE7O
Axi White Pine
AtlasConcorde Axi SilverFir 22.5x90 Textured AE7Q
Axi Silver Fir
AtlasConcorde Axi GoldenOak 22.5x90 Textured AE7P
Axi Golden Oak
AtlasConcorde Axi GreyTimber 22.5x90 Textured AE7R
Axi Grey Timber
AtlasConcorde Axi BrownChestnut 22.5x90 Textured AS3A
Axi Brown Chestnut
AtlasConcorde Axi DarkOak 22.5x90 Textured AE7T
Axi Dark Oak
AtlasConcorde Etic RovereBianco 22,5x90 Textured AJ8R
Etic Rovere Bianco
AtlasConcorde Etic Palissandro 22,5x90 Textured AJ80
Etic Palissandro
AtlasConcorde Etic Noce 22,5x90 Textured AJ8U
Etic Noce
AtlasConcorde Etic Ebano 22,5x90 Textured AJ8T
Etic Ebano
AtlasConcorde Etic Rovere 22,5x90 Textured AJ8Y
Etic Rovere
AtlasConcorde Etic Ulivo 22,5x90 Textured AJ8Z
Etic Ulivo
AtlasConcorde Etic RovereGrigio 22,5x90 Textured AJ8S
Etic Rovere Grigio
AtlasConcorde EticPro RovereVenice 60x60 Matte AV46 1
Etic Pro Rovere Venice
AtlasConcorde EticPro NoceHickory 60x60 Matte AV48 1
Etic Pro Noce Hickory
AtlasConcorde EticPro QuerciaAntique 60x60 Matte AV47 1
Etic Pro Quercia Antique
AtlasConcorde EticPro EucaliptoSmoked 22,5x90 Matte AV4P
Etic Pro Eucalipto Smoked
AtlasConcorde NID Cashmere 60x60 Matte AAMG
Nid Cashmere
AtlasConcorde NID Whisky 60x60 Matte AAMF
Nid Whisky
Marble look
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro StatuarioSelect 60x60 Textured ADYA
Marvel Pro Statuario Select
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro CremoDelicato 60x60 Textured ADYB
Marvel Pro Cremo Delicato
AtlasConcorde MarvelPro GreyFleury 30x60 Textured D108
Marvel Pro Grey Fleury
Special pieces
The Atlas Concorde Outdoor Design offering is enriched with a vast range of special pieces for pools, gardens and urban furnishing. The ideal solution with which to satisfy the most varied and ambitious of design needs.
AtlasConcorde AXI 010 02 GreyTimber

All the resistance of outdoor design.

Extremely resistant to breaking loads
More resistant and less subject to change over time than cement or natural stone paving slabs.
High anti-slip properties
Non-absorbing (< 0.1%)
Fire-proof (class A1 – EN 13501:1)
Mold, moss and pesticide resistant
AtlasConcorde Brave 002 00 Grey-Coke
Products of 20 mm and 30 mm thickness
The 20 and 30 mm slabs combine the advantages of outdoor porcelain tile with those of thick ceramic pieces. Thanks to the many installation options, the 20 and 30 mm thick sizes are the ideal, ecological solution for the outdoor flooring of residential or public spaces.
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