Environment. Let the numbers speak.

The results of excellence speak for themselves and allow Atlas Concorde to combine the highest levels of product quality with a determined environmental protection programme.


Atlas ESG ambiente

100% autonomous on energy

Atlas Concorde achieves energy autonomy through an efficient cogeneration plant powered by natural gas.
AC autosufficenza-energetica

Hot air heat recovery from kilns and cooling water

Atlas Concorde minimises environmental impact and emissions into the atmosphere thanks to an efficient recovery process for cooling water and heat produced by the firing kilns.
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Etekina project: 40% savings on natural gas

Atlas Concorde implements the Etekina project, the thermal energy recovery system that allows the reuse of heat from the firing cycle. Thanks to the re-use of up to 95% of the exhaust gases released by the energy cogenerator, the amount of natural gas required by the department is reduced by 40%.
AC progetto-etekina

100% LED lighting

The new LED systems achieve annual savings of around 50% in electricity consumption.
AC illuminazione-led



100% recycled scraps

Maximum reduction of waste and total recovery of scraps from the production process: a true commitment to the protection of the environment.
AC scarti-riciclati

99% of waste sent for recovery. 25% waste reduction in the last two years

Established procedure of separate collection and almost complete reuse of waste. In the last two years the amount of total waste from the plants has decreased by 25%.
AC recupero-rifiuti

100% recycled industrial water and 27% reduction in water consumption in the last two years

Atlas Concorde is committed to reducing overall water consumption and no drop of water is wasted: all waste water is purified and reused at the highest level of efficiency.
AC acque-riciclate


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Cardboard and other packaging: 100% recycled material

All packaging used by Atlas Concorde is made from recyclable materials, including all purchased cardboard.
AC imballaggi-riciclati

Automatic Vertical Warehouse: 60% CO2 reduction

The logistic efficiency of the vertical warehouse enables a dramatic reduction in pollutant emissions.
AC riduzione-co2
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Complete air filtration

The air filtration system ensures extremely low dust emission and safe working conditions.
AC filtraggio-aria

Absence of carcinogenic substances in products

All components of Atlas Concorde products are free of lead, cadmium, heavy metals and other carcinogenic substances.
AC assenza-sostanze-cancerogene
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No raw material from 'Natura 2000' protected areas

Atlas Concorde is committed to not using any raw materials from 'Natura 2000' protected areas.

Environmentally conscious suppliers

Atlas Concorde asks for a substantial commitment to environmental sustainability to its entire production supply chain.
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