Outdoor Design

Gres porcellanato 20mm

Unlimited and versatile
in 20 mm of thickness

With their distinctive specifications, these 20 mm thick porcelain tiles give designers the freedom to create areas that range from traditional arrangements to more functional or daring architectural projects.
The tiles can be dry laid directly onto the laying bed – the most common being grass, gravel or sand – in conjunction with a support, or laid on a screed with adhesive. This offers excellent technical performance and impeccable artistic effect wherever they are used.

A full and comprehensive choice for any contemporary design project

These 20 mm thick PAVING SLABS were developed as outdoor tiles as an extension to Atlas Concorde’s range of traditional tile thicknesses. Indoor and outdoor spaces become integrated in perfect visual continuity, reflecting the current trends in design.


Open-air look

Exterior paving by Atlas Concorde comes in a number of looks. Designers can revel in the wide range of options and effects, creating outdoor spaces that reflect the current trends in contemporary living.
Single out your style and discover our collections.


Technical benefits

The durability of porcelain tiles in 20 mm thick paving for outdoor design uses

  • Extremely resistant to breaking loads

  • More resistant and less subject to change over time than cement or natural stone paving slabs.

  • High anti-slip properties

  • Salt-proof

  • Weather-proof

  • Non-absorbing (< 0.1%)

  • Frost-proof

  • Acid-proof

  • Fire-proof (class A1 – EN 13501:1)

  • Mold, moss and pesticide resistant


Installation methods

Thanks to its features LASTRA 20mm is suited to easy installation solutions and functional architecture.

Warning installed Lastra 20 mm