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Press release - The New Tomorrow: at Cersaie 2023

Atlas Concorde steps into the future with new collections, technological innovations and the inauguration of Atlas Concorde Park Studio

The New Tomorrow: at Cersaie 2023 atlas concorde steps into the future with new collections, technological innovations and the inauguration of Atlas Concorde Park Studio

"The New Tomorrow," the theme that Atlas Concorde has chosen to narrate this important phase of its growth, takes shape at Cersaie 2023 with the opening of Atlas Concorde Park Studio, the new exhibition that offers an unprecedented visitor experience; the start-up of the new factory for large porcelain slabs, thus expanding the Brand's operational capacity; a new prestigious partnership with the Zaha Hadid Architects international architectural firm; the launch of Velvetech, the semi-matte effect surface with a patent filed in Italy; and new collections that have the ambition of contributing to new design trends.

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  • Inauguration of Atlas Concorde Park Studio: an exhibition space situated in the century-old park surrounding the Fiorano Modenese headquarters that offers a renewed visitor experience.
  • Atlas Concorde marble rises to the status of icon of elegance with Marvel Meraviglia, the collection inspired by Calacatta Meraviglia, and with Diamond, the decor resulting from the exceptional partnership with Zaha Hadid Architects.
  • Velvetech is a new porcelain surface developed by Atlas Concorde with a patent filed in Italy that recalls the look of polished natural stone, featuring semi-opaque effects on the surfaces it’s applied to.
  • Boost Balance adds 10 new neutral shades to Boost World, the project dedicated to concrete and stone looks.
  • The new Marvel Onyx collection, inspired by a theme of lightness, reinterprets the expressive potential of onyx in a modern key, inspiring spaces designed to welcome and protect.
  • The Boost Color project developed in collaboration with Piero Lissoni places the emphasis on color, with a palette of 14 shades and a new texture named Frog.
  • Atlas Concorde Habitat expands its range by introducing a selection of tables made with porcelain surfaces and given the names of Brooklyn, Incontro, Contatto, Manhattan, and Cosmopolitan.
  • Production began at the new Finale Emilia factory specialized in large slabs, the result of an investment of more than 60 million euros and featuring first-rate technologies for the highest sustainability standards in the industry.

One of the major global players in the ceramic tile industry for more than 50 years, the company will be a protagonist of the 40th edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, which will host top international manufacturers in Bologna from September 25th to the 29th.

The future is Atlas Concorde Park Studio: Atlas Concorde's new exhibition space designed to transform the company’s essence and values into an experience through a radically innovative way of getting to know the product, placing visitors at the center and giving them a brand new perspective on the company’s extensive product system.

Atlas Concorde's complete product system, complemented by Atlas Plan and Atlas Concorde Habitat, will be on full display in this new environment designed by Atlas Concorde's architectural design team in collaboration with MPArchitects, Studio Ferriani, and Dotdotdot, the innovation partner that curated the soft tech content to support the visitor experience.

Situated in the heart of the Fiorano Modenese headquarters, a multifunctional location that’s also home to the production facilities and the state-of-the-art automated warehouse, Atlas Concorde Park Studio borders the four-hectare century-old park, equipped with high-end functional facilities.

Measuring 3,000 square meters, this new exhibition space is one of Atlas Concorde's key projects for the future. The interior is designed with a vertical development, thanks to which visitors can enjoy a unique perspective of the large ceramic slabs, perfectly integrated with the rest of Atlas Concorde’s product system. The outdoor space erases the boundary between interior and exterior, allowing you to immerse yourself in the pleasure of a green oasis.

The future is also the new Atlas Concorde factory in Finale Emilia, which has launched production of large porcelain slabs using first-rate technologies capable of ensuring the highest standards of sustainability in the ceramic tile industry.

The result of a 60 million euro investment, the new plant expands the area of the existing production site by about 35,000 square meters, reaching a total area of about 65,000 square meters.

Its 8,400 solar panels will allow a reduction of 2,000 tons of CO2 per year. Thanks to this project, the company will be able to introduce technologically advanced lines into its production capable of achieving a high degree of automation and quality standards that are among the highest in the industry.


Atlas Concorde's innovative zeal is reflected in three new collections, each driven by precise esthetic inspirations, in order to offer architects and designers a tool to translate a wide variety of design ideas onto floors and walls in all kinds of projects, from hospitality to residential.


The new Marvel Meraviglia collection interprets an idea of timeless elegance inspired by Calacatta Meraviglia marble, from which it took its name, adding an extra touch of innovation.

When it comes to decors, Marvel Meraviglia boasts a unique range thanks to a collaboration with the Zaha Hadid Architects international architecture firm, which designed the Diamond decor, the ultimate expression of a multifaceted meeting of styles and values capable of translating the very concept of transformation into design.

The Diamond decor is the result of Atlas Concorde and Zaha Hadid Architects' joint push toward an evolution of decorative design standards.

The collaboration with Atlas Concorde," says Paolo Zilli, Associate Director of ZHA, "led to a project in which ZHA blends a classic mosaic with a disruptive element. Like an inclusion in a diamond, the insertion of a foreign body into a crystalline structure lends an unexpected dynamism to the strict repetition of the rigid geometric structure. In the resulting design, the inclusion of new logic creates a metamorphosis of the shape of the tiles as the transition from one color to another occurs.”

The collaboration builds on the combined history and expertise of Atlas Concorde and ZHA as demonstrated by their respective stories: a strong international focus, leadership in interior design projects, innovation and pursuit of excellence, and attention to environmental sustainability issues.

At the technological level, Marvel Meraviglia features Velvetech, the new porcelain surface patented by Atlas Concorde in Italy and inspired by the effect of polishing natural stone, blending a minimalist vibe and esthetic research. The results are a velvety touch and reflections reminiscent of the variations in the surface of silk fabric when struck by light, with a natural alternation of shiny and opaque areas that bring out the tiny, artfully created scratches visible in the reflected light.


Atlas Concorde drew inspiration from onyx to create Marvel Onyx, an innovative tile featuring luminous colors and impalpable shades that give life to welcoming, imaginative spaces that evoke the power of safety and protection that mythology and tradition ascribe to this unique material.

Marvel Onyx combines elegance and sophistication and is able to fully express itself in the large-format slabs that envelop those who inhabit the space by offering an experience of comfort and wellbeing. This new collection further expands Marvel World – the Atlas Concorde project inspired by Italian and international marbles carefully selected from among the finest in the world – bringing the luminosity of onyx and the unique vibe that this stone generates when struck by light, enhanced by a polished, glossy finish.

The stylistic potential of the stone finds its maximum expression in the details of the very fine veining, subtle splits, inclusions and variations in tone. Marvel Onyx has been fully incorporated into the Atlas Concorde product system. Atlas Plan, a brand of Atlas Concorde specialized in large slabs for kitchen countertops, tables and furnishings, explores the potential of Marvel Onyx in a 162x324 format in a White version. Marvel Onyx has also been transformed into a surface for bathroom furnishings in the Atlas Concorde Habitat line, including washbasins that evoke the beauty of natural onyx.


Atlas Concorde's Boost Balance was created to bring a new idea of harmonious balance of shapes, proportions, and colors to indoor and outdoor spaces. A member of the Boost World system, the set of Atlas Concorde collections that explore the many facets of the concrete and stone effect, this new collection enriches the selection with a color palette of 10 shades ranging from pure white to the most sought-after grays and anthracite, from cool tones to warm.

The concrete effect boosts the homogeneous color of the original material and enriches it with shades inspired by the visual rendering of microcement, allowing the surface to acquire subtle and refined variations without changing its smooth, compact texture.

In sizes 120x120 and 60x120, characterized by a velvety touch and silky, semi-opaque reflections, the Boost Balance collection features the new Velvetech porcelain tile surface developed by Atlas Concorde, with a patent filed in Italy, that can faithfully replicate the effect of polished concrete with areas of different opacity and microscopic nicks that help add depth and three-dimensionality to the surface.


BOOST COLOR, a project developed in collaboration with PIERO LISSONI

For this very rich edition of Cersaie Atlas Concorde will be adding a new piece to its partnership with Piero Lissoni: Boost Color, a new project with porcelain and ceramic tiles for walls where the main focus is the color palette conceived by the renowned architect and designer. The smooth, soft, and velvety surface comes in 14 shades that can be mixed and matched with each other and with the neutral tones of the new Boost Balance range, as well as with the Boost World collections in general, a system that it helps to expand and enrich. 

This color palette is further complemented by an original texture in three colors, named Frog. As Piero Lissoni pointed out, “The soft, sinuous lines of the texture are reminiscent of organic shapes inspired by nature. The design, which can be applied to three of the colors in the new Boost Color collection, adds a little movement to the ceramic tile giving it depth and greater expressive intensity.


Also, brand new on the market is Velvetech, a technology with a patent filed in Italy, available in the 120x120 and 60x120 sizes. Inspired by the effect of polished natural stone, Velvetech produces a surface that recalls silk and a velvety soft touch that replicates the precious effect of polished non-glossy marble, offering semi-opaque effects on the looks it’s applied to.


Atlas Concorde Habitat, the Atlas Concorde brand created to explore the potential of porcelain slabs in the world of furniture, with a selection of elements such as washbasins and mastertops, will present a range of tables and coffee tables at Cersaie 2023 with a simple and essential design where the large porcelain slab can truly stand out.

This new range shows off the technical and esthetic characteristics of the material in an array of colors, allowing it to blend seamlessly with Atlas Concorde tiles in the space so that architects and contractors can use porcelain tiles throughout their projects, assigning them a leading role in the overall design.

The top of the dining table (100x180, 100x240 and 100x300 cm) can be rectangular in shape (Incontro 75) or with rounded corners (Brooklyn 75).

With their smaller size (90x60 cm), coffee tables are also available with either a rectangular top (Incontro 25) or with rounded corners (Brooklyn 25).

Contatto is a small side table with either a square or round top, designed to be placed in residential living spaces or in waiting rooms and lobbies of hospitality venues.

As for the hospitality tables with a single central leg, Manhattan 110, Manhattan 60, and Manhattan 45 have square bases, while Cosmopolitan 110, Cosmopolitan 70 and Cosmopolitan 45 have circular bases.

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