Cleaning of ceramic tiles

Atlas Concorde is extremely conscious of the quality of services it offers its customers and their subsequent satisfaction. A satisfaction that does not just end with the purchase but must continue throughout the lifespan of the ceramic material.

Ceramic tiles are constantly subject to the accumulation of dust and dirt and to the staining action of food, drinks and other substances of various kinds that may alter their surface and their aesthetic appeal. A correct maintenance is therefore of primary importance to preserve the appearance of ceramic tiles for as long as possible.

For this reason, Atlas Concorde would like to provide some basic recommendations for a correct cleaning and maintenance of its ceramic products. Divided according to the different surface finishes of ceramic tiles, is a list of the necessary cleaning operations, products and tools to use to obtain an effective and complete cleaning of Atlas Concorde tiles, from post-installation procedures to everyday and extra-ordinary maintenance.

If you are a designer or a retailer interested in post-installation cleaning, click here and join PRO-CLEAN SERVICE, the post-installation cleaning system that Atlas Concorde offers to professionals.