Always safe.

Atlas Concorde has a certified system for the management of company functions and processes, achieving increasingly efficient levels of internal organisation, traceability, identification of critical issues, problems and best practices. The concept of safety concerns all functions, most often crosswise in relation to the different tasks and activities

Management efficiency

The Atlas Concorde management system is structured to relate them to each other, eliminating obsolete practices and sharing new procedures and objectives. The result is a continuous, real-time improvement in work efficiency and effectiveness.
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The worker as central player in the improvement process

Atlas Concorde puts transparency first: all employees are informed about the risks present in the company and are constantly updated on the main health and safety news. In this way, they can be fully aware of the environmental situation in which they carry out their tasks, establishing a relationship of mutual trust with the company.

In addition, regular training courses on the correct use of machinery and industrial equipment are held at the factory by the manufacturers or by the most experienced colleagues in each department. Best practices and expertise become a shared asset, to the benefit of all.

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Raising staff awareness: consultation and participation

Atlas Concorde is always discussing with its employees to establish the most efficient procedures to improve safety in the workplace.

Interviews, inspections, meetings, sharing of objectives: there is a continuous and collaborative dialogue between the company and the workers to gather experiences and suggestions in the field, which, when properly processed, allow an increase in levels of safety and well-being.

An example of this virtuous process is the success of the Near Miss survey, which identifies potential 'near misses' at work, i.e. accidents that did not happen by chance. Workers enthusiastically joined in, helping to reduce the risk of accidents.

Digitisation and interactive tools

The use of digital and interactive technologies increases safety efficiency. Among these, the installation of interactive totems in workplaces offers faster information.
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Leadership: top management involvement

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Since its founding, Atlas Concorde's top management has been personally involved in the process of continuously improving the safety and well-being of workers. The strong will to obtain the relevant ISO certifications and the constant investments in risk reduction inside the company are an undeniable evidence of this.
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MAV: Automation and technological innovation for risk reduction

Atlas Concorde uses innovation and technology to increase safety and reduce risks, especially where human-machine interaction is most frequent. In this respect, the logistics investment in the Automatic Vertical Warehouse was a major breakthrough. The reduction in the number of forklifts in operation, the increase in space per employee, the efficiency of shipments, the improved internal traffic, the reduction in contact between internal, temporary and external employees: all these elements contribute substantially to the improvement of the safety and health of the Atlas Concorde working environment.
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Assessment of risks and opportunities, also in relation to business

For Atlas Concorde, occupational safety is a broad concept, not confined to the limits of industrial plants, but connected to the social and area context. An accident at work does not only affect the company, but the whole community and the strategic positioning of the brand. The pursuit of rigorous and innovative occupational safety policies therefore implies increasing the efficiency of company competitiveness.
For example, changes in work organisation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have opened up new scenarios for organisational efficiency: working from home, distance learning, increased awareness of safety issues, reduced accidents, increased investment in digital technology.
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Similarly, process innovations designed to improve productivity have proved to be important innovations in terms of work safety: Industry 4.0, the Automatic Vertical Warehouse, automatic manipulator robots for large sizes and many others. For Atlas Concorde, occupational safety and productive innovation are deeply linked and reciprocally connected in a virtuous circle.