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Experience the beauty and versatility of high-end encaustic tiles. Proudly made in Italy, our range offers eye-catching styles for discerning homeowners. From encaustic tiles for the bathroom to blue encaustic tiles, our range caters for all!

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Encaustic Tiles: The Perfect Way to Transform Your Home

Encaustic tiles offer exceptional designs that can transform any home into a bespoke space. Whether you want to update the look of your home with encaustic wall tiles, or are planning a refreshed design for your floor treatments with encaustic Victorian floor tiles, our range has a wide selection of solutions to choose from.

Made in Italy, our range of encaustic tiles offers those key elements that these styles unique are known for across the world. They exude an old-world charm, while still providing modern designs to give any home a timeless look.

What’s more, is that no matter the tile style you choose, it is easy to make it your own according to the colours and patterns that you choose.

 The beautiful decorations of each encaustic effect tile are truly unique, as they are not just added to the surface but are entrenched in each tile. This adds to their premium quality and longevity.

Furthermore, the colour options of our encaustic tiles offer up so many opportunities to get the home design that you have been searching for.

Encaustic Effect Tiles: colours and spaces

Whether you are interested in black and white encaustic tiles for a contemporary monochrome look, or want a pop of colour with green encaustic tiles, this is a perfect place to find exactly what you need to spruce up your home’s interior design.

All the encaustic effect tile styles available in our catalogue have key benefits that make them natural choices for any home update or renovation. They provide durability and are easy to care for, which means they bring effortless style to any room.

These premium tiles are also fade- and scratch-resistant – plus, they will not easily stain and spoil. This certainly adds to the value they bring to a home – giving style inspiration, while also ensuring beautiful styles can be enjoyed for longer.

 Also, if you are planning to install encaustic kitchen tiles, they are ideal – especially when considering how perfectly suited these tiles are for high-traffic home areas. Also, these types of styles work beautifully for farmhouse chic or rustic design themes. They can be used to create trendy backsplashes, adding stunning designs according to the patterns that you choose.

Encaustic Floor and Wall Tiles: uses

However, encaustic tiles are not just limited to the kitchen: They can be used as bathroom tiles, hallways, and even as finishes for patios.

Because they are made from resilient materials, encaustic tiles are suitable for both wall and flooring finishes. They can also be used creatively in so many spaces, allowing you to create those finishing touches that you have been eager to bring into your home.

Pink encaustic tiles can create an instant, chic look for a bedroom, from using these tiles for the flooring to wall designs. Or if you prefer, you can choose dreamy blue encaustic tiles to bring a bit of a nautical design in for the room you are decorating.

 For living rooms, our grey encaustic tiles are ideal if you want a look that is sophisticated and perfectly designed.

Atlas Concorde proudly offers bespoke encaustic effect tiles for customers, and each design is guaranteed to have incredible high quality that lasts. From creating eye-catching “villa style” finishes to bold patterns, there is no limit to the creativity that encaustic effect tiles offer.

The elegance of encaustic tiles

What adds even more appeal to these designs is that they are produced in an eco-friendly way from natural materials – making them number one choices for environmentally savvy homeowners who prefer only using sustainably sourced finishes for their homes.

 So, why wait to discover your ideal encaustic tile finishes! Browse our selections today for beautiful options – whether you are decorating a home for the first time or want to enliven your interior and exterior spaces with a classic, time-honoured tile finish.

Choose encaustic tiles today and enjoy fresh bursts of beautiful colour for longer. With minimal upkeep and guaranteed durable style, you will certainly love these exquisite tile styles for longer!

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