Red Tiles

Red tiles

Red is a warm, vibrant color and is definitely a shade used to convey vitality, cheerfulness, positivity, warmth, and passion. Red marble tiles can also convey an indisputable elegance.  Using red tiles means being aware of these characteristics and wanting to also communicate them through the floors and walls.

Atlas Concorde's red porcelain tile collections are available in different finishes and shades of color and lend themselves to both residential and commercial cladding, whether indoors or out.

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Red porcelain tiles: effects and patterns

Thanks to their characteristics, red tiles are especially suitable for environments such as kitchensbathrooms, and living rooms, but also in the bedroom if you want to make a wall or part of the room stand out. The possibility of deciding from among different looks, finishes, and patterns make Atlas Concorde red porcelain tiles the best choice for decorating your home.

Red bathroom tiles are perfect for walls and floors in environments that are intimate but with a strong character, adding an accent that can be combined with more neutral colors.

The many collections of red floor and wall tiles give life to styles that are different each time, depending on the finish and the effect chosen. From red wood-effect porcelain tiles to red metal-effect porcelain tiles, to stand out with character without sacrificing elegance.

Red marble-effect porcelain tiles are perfect for strong, elegant, and luxurious environments: they go perfectly with black marble tiles or white marble tiles as well as with other effects, such as concrete-effect porcelain tiles or metal-effect porcelain tiles.

Red abstract or geometric patterns and red 3D finishes complete the Atlas Concorde range, always in line with the latest design trends.

Red floor and wall tiles: sizes and thicknesses

The catalog of red porcelain tiles features many sizes and different thicknesses, to clad spaces of any size or create particular geometric effects and decorations. An endless array of possibilities to adapt to any demand.Atlas Concorde has red  porcelain floor and wall tiles for any style or environment. Choose to set aside convention and furnish your spaces with this color, relying on the highest quality materials.

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