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Dark tiles

When it comes to choosing floor or wall tiles for a home or business, the dilemma is often about tile color. Using dark-colored tiles is certainly a choice to be considered carefully as there are several factors involved.Atlas Concorde's range of dark porcelain tiles includes a wide variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, looks and finishes, to meet any need. Among many other characteristics, porcelain tiles have the ability to reproduce precious materials such as marble or natural stone, and can be used both indoors and outdoor.

Furthermore, porcelain tiles are suitable for any environment and any situation thanks to their excellent characteristics: easy to clean and resistant to moisture. They are also stain and scratch resistant, totally hypoallergenic and stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, not to mention fire and frost.

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Dark porcelain tiles: effects and patterns

The collections of dark porcelain tiles include different colors with special shades and patterns: from black to brown, from dark gray to blue. The final result mainly derives from the effect chosen and the combinations with the walls and furnishings. Dark marble-effect porcelain tiles convey prestige and sophistication and are perfect for luxury settings, but also when you want to add a touch of glam to an environment. For a more rigorous but equally sophisticated look, you can choose dark stone-effect or dark wood-effect porcelain tiles, also perfect for outdoor use.

Dark marble-effect porcelain tiles replicate traditional Italian marbles and more: iconic, natural materials used to make well-known historical monuments. Marble and its tradition are recalled and often surpassed by dark-colored marble-effect tiles, allowing everyone to use them in their own environments and spaces.

Dark stone tiles are perfect for rigorous and sophisticated environments: quartzites, porphyries, beolas, minimalist stones and many other natural materials are the inspiration for Atlas Concorde's wide range of dark stone-look tiles.

Moreover, you have the option to choose your favorite finish, from glossy to matte, or to add movement with a 3D relief texture.

Dark floor and wall tiles: sizes and thicknesses

dark floor conveys elegance and an intriguing charm, and is ideal for those who want to give a strong personality to a space. It is certainly better suited for bedrooms or for all those settings where there are very large spaces and you want to express an idea of visual continuity.

Despite this, dark bathroom tiles allow you to customize an intimate space in a decisive, functional way, stimulating freedom of expression with a total look or contrasting them with softer, more delicate colors.

The Atlas Concorde catalog of dark porcelain tiles features a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet any type of design requirement.

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