Installation of ceramic tiles

Guidelines on the correct and safe handling of tiles and packaging

No special storage measures are necessary, except for protection against impacts that could cause the material to break.

It’s best to store the product in its original packaging until its use, if possible well covered in the event of prolonged exposure to the open air.

Handling precautions:

  • For rectified single-fired wall tiles, take the utmost care not to bump the very fragile edges.
  • For polished tiles, be very careful when removing them from the box, strictly avoiding rubbing the rough back of the tile against the polished surface of those underneath in order not to irreversibly scratch them.

Protective gloves must be worn to avoid accidental injury caused by any breakage of the pieces inside the boxes.

Avoid any excessive effort when handling the packaged tiles, so always read the maximum weight of the box.

Since the installer is the professional who first "sees" and "handles" the tiles, before laying the tiles the installer must inform the customer and the designer of any obvious defects (quality, tone, etc.).

Given that varied shading is a characteristic of a number of tile collections, verification and knowledge of the degree of variable shading (V-SHADE) of the tiles to be installed is required.

When installing polished tiles, do not mark the shiny surface with pencils and/or permanent markers.
While it isn’t necessary to wet the tiles before laying them, in the case of very dusty surfaces it’s still advisable to quickly wash them in clean water.


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