Atlas Concorde cladding: appealing aesthetics and practicality


Characteristics and advantages of Atlas Concorde cladding.
Atlas Concorde ceramic tiles set themselves apart thanks to their impeccable aesthetics and decorative character, ensuring complete ease of cleaning and maintenance.
The innovation in design of Altas Concorde claddings takes inspiration from the latest trends in interior design and fashion trends; the perfection of the surface is the result of constant technological research in the production process.
Atlas Concorde white body wall tiles are the result of continual research into aesthetics and innovative materials, the careful study of design trends and careful selection of ceramic glazes. The high quality of raw materials involved make the white body able to reproduce bright and vivid colours, highlighting the brightness of the shiny or satin polished surface with extraordinary results.
The low porosity of the enamelled surface of the ceramic tile cladding ensures resistance against humidity, stains, mould and bacteria. The glaze makes the surface easy to clean without the need of aggressive and polluting chemicals, making everyday maintenance easy and cost effective. The ceramic wall covering does not absorb smoke, odour or vapour.
Thanks to the technical characteristics of ceramic tiles they are the ideal surface to clad a home bathroom, villa, residential complexes, hospitality venues and entrance halls in commercial and public venues. The Atlas Concorde white body wall tiles are ideal not only for claddings in bathrooms or kitchens but also to design walls of tremendous aesthetic impact in spa and wellness centres, in hotels and restaurants, in shops and showrooms.
Coordinated wall and floor coverings.
Atlas Concorde suggests the combination of wall tiles and porcelain tile floors inspired by natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, cement and resin. In some Atlas Concorde decor projects, the shades and the graphics of the surfaces coordinate with those of the porcelain tiles, to create integrated floors and walls created with the focus on colour and design.
The richness of decoration.
The ceramic cladding offers extraordinary potential in terms of colour and decoration.
Coordinated mosaic in various colours, finishes and sizes, decorations made with materials that give extraordinary effects and colours, leading to the creation of design spaces in line with the latest fashion trends and interior designs. New chromatic accents, intense and sophisticated, as well as refined decorations, enable the claddings to give a distinctive style to any space.
A vast range of special pieces means being able to easily clad a large expanse of space, niches and columns, giving a finishing touch that is precise down to the very last detail.
3D Wall design: three-dimensional walls.
Atlas Concorde offers the 3D cladding, a three-dimensional surface that combines visual impact and the decorative character and advantages of ceramic tiles, to clad entire interior walls, even in
Atlas Concorde’s 3D wall tiles give character and movement to the cladding thanks to the play of light and shadow that shape the environment and make it interesting, giving harmony to the shape of the elevation and surrounding architecture.