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Atlas Concorde Habitat bathroom furnishings on display at Design Week

For Milan Design Week, Atlas Concorde interprets contemporary furnishings with a bathroom design that is simultaneously harmonious and geometric, echoing a concept of iconographic, timeless beauty.

Of the many things to see at Milan Design Week, the Atlas Concorde showroom in Brera is the place for the mise en scène of Atlas Concorde Habitat, a furnishing project that, thanks to its combination with floors and walls, features interiors with a tremendous esthetic and formal consistency.

A dialog between surfaces founded on the coordination of materials and colors to offer designers a solution that is perfectly integrated and complementary to the company's numerous collections. The range reflects a contemporary taste and responds to a precise esthetic vision of Atlas Concorde to spark engagement between the company and architects, stylists, and designers specialized in interiors.

The stylistic choices of structure and shape blended with a dash of esthetic finishes give life to washbasins with an original, cosmopolitan taste that interact with the other surfaces within the space, infusing the interiors with the style of Atlas Concorde, a company that has always been committed to interpreting contemporary culture with collections dedicated to architectural and interior design projects. Atlas Concorde Habitat includes a Contract line and a line with a strong design accent.

Dialogo by Mario Ferrarini

Atlas Concorde Habitat includes a Contract line and a line with a strong design accent.The first capsule collection of the Design Line is Dialogo, a range that is the product of the partnership between Atlas Concorde and Mario Ferrarini, a designer with great experience in the bathroom furnishing sector.


The name itself – Dialogo – expresses the underlying concept: a dialog between materials, both in harmony and in contrast; between different surfaces; between an industrial reality like Atlas Concorde and the world of design.Mario Ferrarini focused his work on parallel lines, proposing an extremely calibrated design that explores thicknesses and cross-sections to develop a range with a highly appealing look.

“The power of simple geometries," says Ferrarini, "reveals the versatility of porcelain and represents the new era of bathroom furnishings where sinks, walls, and floors communicate with the same language, offering new esthetic-functional experiences.”

A return to elementary geometries, to that romantic minimalism that distinguishes the designer, committed to creating a virtuous relationship between vitality and the perfect balance of shapes.

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