In the vast world of ceramic tile collections, the latest reinterpretation of raw earth surfaces makes its debut

The Boost Natural collection combines the manufacturing expertise of Atlas Concorde and the traditional craftsmanship of Matteo Brioni. Enter the site and learn more.

In an increasingly digital and standardized ceramic tile universe, there is still room for the craftsmanship and aesthetic quality of products made by hand, a testament to the refined taste of the most authentic Made in Italy tradition. It’s to preserve this space and spread the original beauty of the handcrafted material that the Boost Natural collection was born, forged from a partnership between Atlas Concorde, a leading company in high-end ceramics and the production of porcelain and wall tiles, and Matteo Brioni, an architect and entrepreneur. Reviving the tradition of natural clay in contemporary interior design, the latter founded an atelier in his name to realize fascinating surfaces in raw earth recognized and adored both in Italy and abroad.

The collaboration between Atlas Concorde and Matteo Brioni has developed in the name of a shared objective: to celebrate the encounter between the technological potential of a modern industrial ceramics company and the expressiveness of an ancient and natural element like clay. In doing so, they’ve left maximum creative freedom to the architect and designer, who draws inspiration and stimulation from the achievements of a family business operating for over four generations.
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The result is a transversal project in which tradition and innovation merge, based on the transformation of pleasantly irregular surfaces obtained by manually rolling raw earth into high-performance ceramics, endowed with all the strength and durability of an industrialized product. Together with Atlas Concorde, then, Matteo Brioni signs off on a collection of porcelain and wall tiles that preserves the authentic aesthetics of handcrafted clay. Characterized by soft and earthy colors, subtle textures and nuances typical of the natural material, they uniquely respond to the needs of contemporary interior decoration, increasingly directed towards natural finishes.

Boost Natural, the result of extensive studies conducted between Brioni’s artistic atelier in Gonzaga and Atlas Concorde’s R&D laboratory, contemplated numerous steps while finalizing the product, beginning from the choice of soil type and grain size, to the selection of tools and techniques for spreading and drying, and ending with the creation of the first samples. As a collaborative effort from start to finish, the culmination of the process best expresses both the sartorial approach of artisanal workmanship and the most innovative industrial technique.

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The experience and sensibility of the Mantuan architect made it possible to integrate Atlas Concorde’s production methods with the evocative textural effect of clay-based surfaces. In doing so, complete opacity was transferred to the light and homogeneity, combined with slight variations in tone, which is a peculiarity of raw clay. While the mineral finishes akin to lime and concrete give rise to a variegated, rough and often discolored aesthetic, raw earth presents greater tactile softness and a chromatic uniformity that, only upon closer observation, reveals spontaneous details and trowel marks imprinted by the work of the craftsman. And it’s precisely the charm of tradition and savoir-faire that enriches this type of cladding to which the Boost Natural collection refers.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 000 04 Moodboard
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 004 03 Ecru 3DTexture

Extremely precise, the selection of colors in the series was focused on five nuances that faithfully reproduce the natural gradations of clay from different geographic regions, selected from the most beautiful in order to reveal all the original charm in raw working techniques. Another plus: the palette was conceived for perfect matchability between all the shades, from the lightest (Kaolin, Ash and Ecrù) to the darkest (Umber and Coal). And that’s not all… In the Boost Natural range, along with neutral and natural shades we also find two bold accent colors: Coral, which revisits powder pink with a contemporary twist, and Cobalt, a decisive blue that includes delicate green shades. Both of these are dedicated to the customization of exclusive interior design projects, whether intended for the home, hospitality spaces, or inside refined commercial atmospheres.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 001 00 Ash-Ecru
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 001 11 Ecru

Adapted for a multitude of applications, Boost Natural allows for flexibility in handling any cladding project with a wide range of modular sizes in different finishes and thicknesses, ranging from the classic 30x60 and 60x60 sizes up to the larger 120x278 cm slab, capable of creating perfect continuity between the floor and ceiling. And for those who want to experiment with a refined and coordinated effect between wall tiles and furnishings, there’s the extra-large 162x324 cm available in Ecru, designed to give life to kitchen tops, countertops, or tailor-made volumes and furnishings. The versatility of the collection also extends into products uniquely dedicated to the outdoors. There’s no denying that in outdoor spaces, the porcelain tile of the Boost Natural series expresses its full potential thanks to a winning combination: the spontaneous beauty and textural refinement of raw earth, which harmoniously enhances the surrounding environment, along with high performance in durability and resistance.

The meticulous attention to detail and every particular that distinguishes the design of the series is evidenced by the articulated variety of 50x120 cm indoor wall tiles. Characterized by a precise decorative intention, these are developed through four different themes: one natural version suggested by delicate colors and homogenous textures of pure clay, and three 3D versions featuring Matteo Brioni’s artisanal workmanship, capable of lending refinement and authenticity to any wall. The natural surfaces recall the authenticity of the inspirational material through a delicate graphic imprinted on the soft shades of Kaolin, Ash and Ecru: 3D Brushed captures the masterful use of traditional craft tools, 3D Texture elaborates on a mix of decorative patterns obtained from the imprint of lace and fabrics on polished clay, and 3D Wave evokes the marks of expert spatula work through soft, wave-like movements.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 002 02 Ash-Ecru 3DWave

The collection wouldn’t be complete without decorations featuring an elegant and decisive personality, conceived by Matteo Brioni in the name of an artisanal savoir-faire and the sartorial vocation that marks the entire Boost Natural project. Possibilities range from the triangular tiles with bevelled edges in Mosaico Rhombus, conceived to trace geometric scores on the wall playing with tone-on-tone or contrasting joints, to Mosaico Tumbled, where square tiles with irregular margins lend an original dynamism to the staggered laying. The gamut of decorative elements is then perfected through three other variants: Mosaico Piano, in which the orthogonality of tiles is interrupted by sinuous curves; Mosaico Piano Mix, composed of a mix of strips with regular forms and texturized, engraved surfaces giving rise to a refined play of lights; and Mosaico Trace Mix, which proposes regular rectangles in different sizes, composed together according to original pairings between the natural finish and 3D surfaces of the series.

AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 001 05 Ash-RhombusMosaic

Flexible, safe, eco-friendly and combinable with the other collections included in Atlas Concorde’s Boost World, Boost Natural represents a valuable resource for architects and designers who, accommodating the current trends increasingly focused on well-being and comfort, will be able to design coverings and surfaces creating harmony and beauty in our living environments.

The 2022 edition of the Red Dot Design Award has recognized the creative impact and the innovation by Atlas Concorde honouring the products of the Boost Natural collection in the Product Design category.

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