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The wonder of the marble effect. From architecture to interior design

11 June 2021

Marvel World: from Atlas Concorde 4 porcelain stoneware collections of wall and floor coverings, with which to range from residential to contract. In the sign of marble look.

Can the effect, magnificence, solidity, chromatic variations of an eternal and solemn material such as marble be transported to the contemporary world of interior design? Absolutely yes it is the answer by Atlas Concorde, global specialist in ceramic surfaces of excellence.

To celebrate 50 years of activity, the brand stages a kaleidoscope of visual and tactile suggestions inspired by the precious natural material, bringing them together within Marvel World, an organic and articulated project dedicated to marble effect surfaces. Specifically, it is the gathering of the Marvel collections, porcelain stoneware surfaces and white-body wall tiles that celebrate an undisputed protagonist of the history of architecture, recalling its expressive potential appreciated and experimented in antiquity as in the modern era. Beautiful and durable, marble has always been able to best interpret the changing concept of elegance and prestige that has characterized the most iconic and representative building over the centuries, perfectly adapting to the various styles that have alternated.

Temples, churches and palaces have become a precious catalog of the many varieties found in nature, each with its own character and identity, that Atlas Concorde's cutting-edge technological know-how has managed to transfer to the ceramic surface, reproducing streaks and changing colors of the material in every detail: from the timeless veins to the warm nuances of travertines, from the intensity of dark shades to surprising color effects, in a reinterpretation of a contemporary tone that makes the aesthetics of marble available to any field of application. The versatility of Marvel World coverings is guaranteed by the wide range of formats that combines traditional formats with the novelty of the large slab, designed to conquer prestigious public and private interiors: high-end stores, luxury hotels, work spaces, wellness environments and residences of great personality become the perfect scenario to enhance the marble look.


The marble effect signed by Atlas Concorde is cut to size to adapt to all contemporary uses because it conveys the splendor of marble coverings in the third millennium, combining simplicity of cleaning and practicality of installation with a surprising decorative richness capable of embellishing any type of environment.

Architects and interior designers can play with color combinations of great visual impact, mixing tiles and slabs with classic geometric, mosaic and inlay decorations, as happened in the past, bypassing the onerous assembly operations that were carried out by hand. The aesthetic realism with which the chromatic depth and richness of marble's graphic designs are faithfully reproduced through the ceramic material, that has the advantage of guaranteeing excellent anti-wear performance, is truly extraordinary.

Fundamental performance characteristics that allow the maximum usability of the product ensuring the designer a wide range of action both in the intervention on an architectural scale and in the most intimate area of ​​the interior with the certainty that colors and veins remain unchanged over time. Even in the case of environments such as bathrooms or kitchens, where resistance to stains or aggressiveness of cleaning products is important. Another plus from the design point of view is the possibility of creating coordinated walls, floors and furnishings, ensuring stylistic uniformity in domestic environments, retail spaces and hospitality contexts.

Unique for its chromatic breadth, inspiring motifs and decorative patterns, the Marvel World program presents the collections by dividing them into four large "color categories". White Passion, Warm Feeling, Cool Charm and Precious Jewels interpret the different suggestions related to the vast world of marble giving life to an abacus of furnishing solutions that play with the shades of white, the embrace of warm colors, the elegance of cold colors and the refinement of precious stones.


Those who prefer candor, purity and light can turn to the White Passion range, the series that surprises for its contemporaneity even if it evokes the most classic and precious types of marble such as the Statuario Select, a coating characterized by a very white background furrowed by characteristic gray veins, the Royal Calacatta that recalls the warm color and the gray-beige streaks of the noble Apuan marble, also proposed in the Calacatta Extra version characterized by a pure white surface on which transparent streaks alternate with more intense and marked veins. The algid character of these surfaces naturally adapts to representative settings such as prestigious hotel lounges and offices, but can also express domestic warmth if used together with the wood in the ivory shades of Bianco Dolomite.

Warm Feeling instead encompasses the warmer shades of the Marvel family, with nuances ranging from beige to dark brown expands the possibilities of the marble effect with warm shades that lend themselves to any type of setting, ranging easily from private to public contexts, where the extra large format of the 160x320 cm slab finds maximum expression. The varieties in the collection thus become protagonists in the coating project for elegant hotels and high-end flagship stores, illuminating the exhibition halls and entrance halls with brilliant reflections. Inside Warm Feeling there are ceramic typologies with a well-defined graphic texture such as Alabastrino Travertine and Silver Travertine, directly inspired by the famous Italian travertines, together with Cream Prestige Marble, characterized by a compact and homogeneous background, and with Delicate Cremo that distinguishes itself by its light base with shaded nuances tending to ivory and the subtle brown veins in contrast.

The cool colors declined in the range of grays and darks animate with style and essential elegance the proposals of the Cool Charm line, perfect for modern settings with a strong character, in which the marked personality of the dark shades represents a refined counterpoint to the light surfaces of the complementary Marvel World collections.

From the total black of the Marquina black or the Atlantis Black, deep and intense varieties, we move on to the palette of grays among which the Gray Stone stands out, characterized by a graphic pattern of contrasting light veins. Perceptually impressive, the various lines in the collection manage to converse transversely not only with delicate shades but also with more decisive colors thanks to the uniformity of the dark backgrounds.

The Precious Jewels range focuses on the preciousness of rare and exotic marbles, that introduces into the Marvel World universe the exclusivity of unique surfaces, perfectly reproduced through lively accents of color with an unmistakable personality. The sumptuousness of stones and breaches such as lapis lazuli, onyx and agate conquer domestic scenarios, hotels and retail outlets, adding all the advantages of ceramic to the extraordinary aesthetic result. Among the proposals in the catalog, the Ultramarine blue stands out, interpreted in various shades that include cobalt, light blue and light blue nuances enlivened by golden reflections, and the deep red veined white of Red Luxury able to light up luxurious purple tones floors and coatings.

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