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AIX. The Enchant of Reclaimed Stone

25 November 2019

The perfect symbiosis of architecture and nature. This is Aix, the new Atlas Concorde stone-look collection that recalls the original flooring of an eighteenth century French villa.

A contemporary collection in which ancient calcareous stones are used as a matrix and recovered, one by one, in slabs of various size, which represent the model of reference for porcelain tiles and coordinating white body wall tiles. A reproduction of an irregular, uneven surface crossed with marks and shading that highlight the traces of time, the age-old signs of trampling, and the chips and grooving.

Ideal for the restructuring of high-end residential and hospitality spaces such as country homes and manor houses, farmhouses, masserie, period buildings, and luxury country hotels, Aix is perfect for those architectonic projects that associate contemporary style with natural accents, with a wall tile that is reminiscent of stone, worn over time, in soft, blended shades.

The stone-look collection is available in two different colour ranges. Warm colours linked to the Mediterranean architectonic tradition of villas, Provençal farmhouses and residences immersed in the nature of the south and colder shades that evoke atmospheres of Central Europe and ancient homes from France to Belgium, Germany and Great Britain.  

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