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Atlas Concorde presents the new Atlas Concorde USA brand

01 January 1970

Atlas Concorde, an internationally recognized company and brand leader throughout the world in the field of cutting-edge Italian design porcelain stoneware surfaces and wall claddings, consolidates and strengthens its presence in North America by introducing its innovative Atlas Concorde USA brand, a brand that, in the USA, will join and support the “Made in Italy” brand, a point of reference in the field.

Born in the USA in 1969, the Fiorano Modenese-based company is the founder company of the Concorde Group, the leading Italian ceramic group in the world and the undisputed protagonist when it comes to technological development in the sector, via product and process innovation the company has written the history of ceramics.

The Atlas Concorde brand is one of the symbols of excellence of the Made in Italy throughout the world in terms of style, attention to detail and research and development oriented towards technical and aesthetic excellence, backed up by industrial, logistic and commercial strength, able to cater for professionals and leadings customer at international level.

Atlas Concorde USA is a brand created to combine American tradition and heritage with the excellence of Italian style. Designed and created following the US market’s styles and trends, Atlas Concorde USA products combine history and traditional feel with the latest interior design trends. “Distressed” collections take inspiration from material of the past industrial era, recovered and reused, with a modern and vintage look at the same time. The catalogue is completed by “timeless” collections, confirming marble, travertines and stones as a constant favorite.

At Coverings 2016, Atlas Concorde will feature a totally new showcasing space and a showroom that has only recently been inaugurated in Franklin, Tennessee, where collections of both brands are on display.

Following the creation of the Atlas Concorde Russia brand, which today contains a wide range of porcelain stoneware collections and claddings, tailor-made for the Russian market, a birth of an “American” brand will consolidate and strengthen the company’s presence in the US, thanks to new products specifically created for the market, guaranteeing logistic proximity and a steady productive and commercial presence.

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