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BLAZE. Metal Masterpiece

05 April 2023

Multiple oxidised colours for a chic industrial effect come to life with Blaze, the latest metal-look collection from Atlas Concorde.

An innovative collection that recreates the beauty of oxidised metal on the very best Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles and purest ceramic wall tiles, for the perfect blend of aesthetic refinement, performance and functionality.

With surprising realism, Blaze embodies the moment in which the metal oxidisation process reaches aesthetic perfection, combining different colours, filtering and abrasions with iridescent effects and luminous reflections that appear depending on exposure to the light.

The result is a metal-look collection that is solid, compact, complete and with strong visual impact, recalling the Urban Industrial and Raw Luxe styles as well as the Rusty Chic fashion trend.

Blaze presents three shades of matte and lapped porcelain tile, namely Corten all’Iron, the silvery brightness of Aluminium and, lastly, Verdigris, a blue-green tone on a copper-coloured base, only available as a wall tile.

Blaze also incorporates a wide range of decorative devices, where new geometries and textures extend the application possibilities.

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