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BOOST | Collection

02 December 2018

The Boost collection features porcelain floor tiles and white-body wall tiles that redesign the concept of concrete-effect ceramics.

The warm shades of oxidation coexist with the cooler hues typical of concrete, in a ceramic surface that stands out for its decisive identity.

The wide range of sizes and the continuity between floors and walls both indoors and outdoors make Boost a collection capable of enhancing every architectural project. When used in combination with ceramic surfaces having a marble or wood effect it creates more interesting stylistic fusions.

The collection includes large sizes measuring 120×120 and 120×240 with a 9 mm thickness, and the new 120×278 cm format with a 6 mm thickness, ideal for meeting the most varied compositional and design needs. Outdoor flooring in the 120×120 cm format with a 20 mm thickness features a non-slip surface.

The range is completed by the wall tiles, distinguished by two color accents and an array of decorations. The three-dimensional ceramic surface meets the needs of contemporary interior decoration, creating walls rich in reliefs with a refined design.

With its unique graphics Boost stands out in original environments, from industrial chic shading to the decorating of contemporary and metropolitan spaces with a strong personality.

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