The brightest side of stone

Five stones that have always been widely used in architecture, updated in a ceramic project of great aesthetic and design value. The appearance of the product, in which each stone has a different graphic design, perfectly pertinent to its natural counterpart, combines with the advantages of body-dyed porcelain stoneware, for areas in which natural atmospheres are linked with elevated performance requirements. Sunrock is available in the matt finish, with different microstructures depending on the material, and the textured finish, with a directed surface, ideal for outdoor use and for wall decorations. The Sunrock collection comprises an extensive selection of formats, including the 22.5×90 and 15×90 modules, typical of the world of wood, which Atlas Concorde proposes as a ceramic interpretation of stones in the dedicated Sunrock Plank project. The range is completed with Lastra 20mm in the 60×60 version for dry outdoor applications and raised installations. The mosaic decorations and variants, allowing each project to be personalised, range from an essential style to refined and luxuriously elegant settings.


Technology: Coloured in body porcelain stoneware – Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm): 45×90 Matt; 22,5×90 Matt; 15×90 Matt; 75×75 Matt; 60×60 Matt, Textured, Lastra 20mm Textured; 30×60 Matt, Textured; Multi-format kit Matt (40×60, 40×40, 20×60, 20×40, 20×20)
Surface finish: Matt (R9 A) – Textured (R11 A+B+C) – Lastra 20mm Textured (R11 A+B+C)
Colours:Travertino White – Travertino Almond – Jerusalem Ivory – Bourgogne Sand – Rapolano Beige