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Ceramic tiles. A safe choice. The new Confindustria Ceramica communications campaign is online

The communications campaign “Ceramic tiles. A safe choice” launched by Confindustria Ceramica underscores the wide range of values ​​and benefits of this extraordinary surface.

Working with other members, Atlas Concorde has encouraged and promoted the campaign’s development, created to authoritatively affirm this material’s irrefutable values ​​and to underline its characteristics of healthinesshygieneeco-sustainabilitydurability, and versatility.
In fact, ceramic tiles are made of natural materials that are safe and suitable for any type of environment, as they don’t emit any harmful substances. In addition to being sustainable, they don’t burnthey’re recyclable and durable, they’re easy to install, and they last a long time. And they also have a unique esthetic value.

Ceramic tiles are a safe material suitable for any environment



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