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Marvel Gems Wall Design

01 September 2016

The Marvel Gems white clay wall tiles bring the elegance of Venetian Terrazzo to wall decorating, transferring the beauty of crushed marble to an enamel ceramic surface, brilliant and mirror-like.

The refined colour range of the wall tiles includes four hues coordinated with those of the porcelain stoneware floors. The colour range is completed by a gorgeous blue with a scattering of inserts in various sizes to interpret a classic theme of Italian architecture in a fresh, modern key. The ceramic wall tiles are also offered with a surface that recalls the Palladian look with Carrara marble flakes emerging from a bed of gray marble granules. Luminous walls with a mirrored effect in sizes 40×80 cm and the large 50×110 cm combine the precious feel of marble with the benefits of ceramics: easy to lay, maintain, and clean.

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