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Three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles with metallic hints

01 January 1970

The white clay wall tiles of the Mek collection, featuring thin metallic streaks on a background of same-color shadings, include three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles that create spectacular walls with multiple, modern, and evocative reliefs.

Three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles are available in two different patterns, offering the possibility to create walls with a bold impact, giving commercial and residential spaces a refined design.

Mek 3D Ultra Blade makes it possible to create three-dimensional ceramic walls where elegant facets with metallic accents alternate with decisive contours.  The ceramic surface features hints of metal and tapered reliefs that create a play of light and shadows. Mek 3D Ultra Blade is available in two trendy shades for a touch of color on the wall: one with gold-pink accents and another that tends to blue inspired by harmonic steel.

Mek 3D Fold breathes life into three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles with soft waves inspired by hand-worked metal sheets. It is available in two color variants: a bright white and a neutral, elegant metallic gray. The three-dimensional effect is enhanced by metallic accents and tone-on-tone nuances, for decorating trendy interiors.

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