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A functional, welcoming office space

The looks of various materials replicated in porcelain tiles made by Atlas Concorde furnish Holyart's headquarters.

A leading company in the trade of sacred objects, Holyart has chosen Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles to clad the interior and exterior spaces of its headquarters. A choice dictated by the need to create functional, welcoming environments, offering employees and customers a comfortable space.
The use of Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles represents a design choice that combines beauty with technical performance. Deployed in a variety of earthy looks, the ceramic tiles were used in indoor and outdoor areas, contributing to a quality work environment and a contemporary esthetic that reflect the company's innovative, professional image.
As in a modern metropolitan space, the concrete-effect surfaces from the Boost collection in the lobby spaces and some common areas create an atmosphere of minimal yet sophisticated design.
The use of wood-effect porcelain tiles from the Nid and Exence series inside the corporate offices helps create a cozy, natural vibe, bringing a natural touch to spaces that instead are often dominated by cold, metallic materials. The Exence collection offers a modern, elegant touch to areas such as meeting rooms and common spaces.
The natural green shade of the Aplomb collection applied to the walls of some common spaces instills a sense of calm and well-being.
With the resin-effect surfaces of the Prism collection, Atlas Concorde adds a touch of color to bathroom wall with soft tones that are ideal for spaces with a bold, elegant character. The source of inspiration is hand-troweled resin, boosted by the power of porcelain tiles which have a greater application potential than the original material. The bathrooms also feature the innovative washbasins from the Dialogo collection, a project born of the desire to combine different materials and achieve a harmonious blend of surface effects, colors and volumes.

Reggio Emilia, Italy
Design by
Mattia Parmiggiani Architects
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