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Atlas Concorde for a luxury beach club in Bali

Located on the iconic Berawa waterfront, the Atlas Beach Fest in Bali is decorated with contemporary charm thanks to stone-effect porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde. Explore the project.

From solariums that seem to float on the water to the show beach bars featured in the club, the luxurious beach club's choice of style comes across as sophisticated, with a clear multi-ethnic feel.
In this heavenly setting, the stone-effect tiles of Atlas Concorde used to decorate the floors in several areas of the beach club add a touch of Made in Italy to the building. The area adjacent to the beach consisting of swimming pools, bars and relaxation areas thus takes on an allure with a timeless appeal.
Inspired by split quartzites, or metamorphic stones composed almost entirely of quartz and small amounts of other minerals, stone-effect floor tiles retain all the natural roughness of the original material. Porcelain tiles evoke this trait by offering a surface with a strong, earthy appearance that is easy to clean and pleasing to the touch.
Used in four different shades ranging from warm, intense nuances to gray tones inspired by the color of the original natural stones, Atlas Concorde surfaces adorn the spaces of the beach club with highly accurate details. An attention to detail was critical both for the look and for the design itself. In fact, Atlas Concorde tiles are the ideal solution for those seeking design and technical functionality in spaces intended for public use. The resistance to foot traffic, the healthy nature of the material and the anti-slip properties of Atlas Concorde surfaces have made the beach club spaces an oasis of beauty and superior technical performance. With just the right mix of eye-catching visuals and technical properties, stone-effect porcelain tiles offer Atlas Beach Fest guests a relaxing moment of hospitality and safety.
The decision to use stone-effect surfaces also tied in perfectly with the theme of the entire venue, creating a stylistic mix capable of combining eastern elements and the luxury of fashionable Mediterranean locales. And so it is that wood, stone, and soft fabrics typical of Spanish beach clubs coexist with the inevitable Indonesian canopy beds and furnishings with an eastern flavor. Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles helped to boost all the stylistic components included in the architectural design thanks to a material with a natural flavor.

Bali, Indonesia
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Inside the project
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