AtlasConcorde Uffici Brianza Italia 001
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BT Group offices decorated with Atlas Concorde

In the town of Lesmo in Brianza the elegance of marble-effect porcelain tiles and wood-effect porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde was used to furnish the offices of BT Group with style and character.

The refined beauty of marble-look ceramic solutions used on indoor floors and walls has created a welcoming and tasteful environment, distinguishing a space that is both contemporary and functional. Delicate, dark shades alternate in different sizes, the furnishing accessories made with large slabs reproducing the characteristics and brilliance of the original material.
The attention to detail of the indoor spaces is also evident outside, where wood-effect porcelain tiles are used to decorate floors with the intense, natural character of wood reproduced in a durable, practical, and safe solution.  The ceramic tiles replicate all the beauty of the irregular grains with a bold visual impact while also guaranteeing a superior technical performance.
Porcelain tiles produced by Atlas Concorde are also used in rooms of the company headquarters and sales offices, complementing the multiple styles of architecture and interior design and ensuring excellent esthetic and technical results.

Lesmo, Italy
Inside the project

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