Non-Slip Tiles

Non-slip tiles

In some specific settings such as outdoors or in bathrooms and kitchens, the tiles must not only be beautiful but they also must have technical and application characteristics that limit the risks of falls and slips, both in homes and in the public venues.Precisely for this reason, non-slip tiles are critical and allow Atlas Concorde to create continuity between spaces that have different purposes and characteristics. In fact, there are specific regulations that govern floors that must comply with high slip resistance in certain places and settings.

Atlas Concorde's floor range includes non-slip porcelain tiles that comply with such regulations, available in different thicknesses and capable of responding to any need.

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Non-slip porcelain tiles: uses and characteristics

The presence of water or other substances can make a floor very dangerous. To ensure a level of friction that can guarantee the safety of floors, Atlas Concorde has developed non-slip tiles with finishes that comply with all current standards: the DIN 51130 standard, the German standard used throughout Europe for resistance to slipping with shoes, the DIN 51097 standard for resistance to slipping with bare feet, and the pendulum method.

This type of flooring is necessary in bathrooms, kitchens and all those settings where the floor has a slope, which are subject to very low temperatures or to the continuous presence of water and other liquids capable of making the floor slippery.

Furthermore, non-slip tiles are mandatory for the flooring of swimming pools, saunas, laundries, laboratories, cafeterias, pharmacies, and in public places where the floor is often wet.

Porcelain tiles are the ideal choice in this type of venue for a variety of reasons. Atlas Concorde anti-slip surfaces are waterproof, fireproof, frost-proof, do not stain, do not retain dirt or bacteria and can withstand major temperature shifts, all weather conditions, and almost all physical and mechanical stresses that arise with normal floor use.

To meet all needs, research by the laboratories of Atlas Concorde has led to the development of Sensitech, the porcelain surface for interiors, made with a production method patented in Italy. This technology combines high levels of slip resistance, unprecedented tactile appeal and benefits in terms of cleanability, practicality and hygiene.

What makes Sensitech special is that, compared to normal surfaces in this category, which are rough and unpleasant to the touch, its surface is much softer, and therefore not only safe but also easier and faster to clean.

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Anti-slip porcelain tiles: effects and colors

Today anti-slip tiles not only offer superior technical performance, but they are also very attractive from an esthetic point of view. Atlas Concorde's catalog of non-slip porcelain tiles includes a wide range of earthy finishes and colors that can satisfy any request.Concrete effectstone effectwood effect with different roughnesses, in numerous colors and shades, suitable for both indoor and outdoor solutions. To be sure to choose the non-slip tiles best suited to your needs, always rely on experienced professionals like Atlas Concorde.

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