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Acetaia Lini

In the countryside of Reggio Emilia, among the recollections of ancient crafts, a vinegar factory of antique style but contemporary freshness was built.

The Rizzatto Arch. Paolo Architectural Studio that designed it, carefully selected Atlas Concorde floor and wall tiles, experimenting with collections, formats and colours in an elegant and original way. The result sees Medoc colour Autentica tiles characterizing almost 300m2 of flooring, combining with the mosaic of the same line, laid in some of the most atmospheric areas of the vinegar factory. Warm welcoming colours combine with the rustic elegante of the structure, further enhanced by the scenographic wall facing enhanced using the Mosaico Multicolour of the Fibra collection, beyond which, in a play of solids and voids, an extensive wall of Format White is just visible.

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