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Atlas Concorde solutions for designing an oasis of wellness Reims , France

01 February 2021

Marble-look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde furnish the spa of La Caserne Chanzy Hotel. Learn more

Within an exclusive setting dedicated to hospitality, Atlas Concorde ceramic solutions have contributed to creating a refined, welcoming atmosphere in the hotel's spa, giving the space a charm with a contemporary look. A project with coordinated floors and walls that faithfully reproduce the original natural material, combining the appeal and functional characteristics of the ceramic surface. Intense veins, natural shading, and a refined look: porcelain tile surfaces reproduce the details of the original marbles, making it possible to design a modern environment with a strong personality. The natural materials are reproduced with precision, color depth, and richness of graphic design, highlighted by the use of a range of decors. Light and delicate tones guarantee a pure creativity able to produce the highest technical qualities and esthetic versatility that distinguish the material. The result is a space with eternal appeal that is never mundane.

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