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Catamaran Corporation

During the company restructuring of Catamaran Corporation, located in Schaumburg (Illinois), Atlas Concorde stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles were used due to their first class technical features and aesthetical value.

These functional and refined solutions bestow a touch of class to the indoor floors of offices, relax areas and to spaces used as meeting rooms. Innovative and efficient, the architectural project used tiles from some of the top collections of the company, including Trek and Studio.

Trek is a collection in stone-effect porcelain stoneware, where the material strength of natural slate expresses a richness of chromatic variety which lends a pleasing metallic effect to the surface. The Studio series offers planners and interior designers a high-performing technical material that also does not disappoint in terms of aesthetics. It is a sophisticated ceramic which, throughout the open spaces of Catamaran Corporation, displays its metropolitan style personality.

Indoor floors, bright and luminous, combine to create excellent ambiences from a functional point of view as well as welcoming areas and salutary surroundings in which to work.

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