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Cityfront Luxury Apartments

The Cityfront Luxury Apartments is an avant-garde architectural project where wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Atlas Concorde are in complete synergy with the cement–effect porcelain stoneware tiles, resulting in a suggestive and natural final effect.

The recent renovation resulted in high-standard residential spaces, thanks to the use of the Fibra, Etic and Evolve collections for outdoor floors and in some of the main indoor areas.

The Fibra collection distinguishes itself thanks to its soft and enshrouding style, which recreates sophisticated atmospheres inside contemporary architectural spaces. Etic, a wood-effect porcelain stoneware series brings the timeless fascination of inspiring materials to the most exclusive ambiences. The Evolve collection was also used on the project, a cement–effect porcelain stoneware range that features an extraordinary richness in design.

The outstanding feature of the project is a huge indoor swimming pool, which has a towering glass wall delimiting it and allows for an unrestricted view of the landscaped outdoor. Spaces have been designed with materials that bestow refined sensations of naturalness throughout and the outdoor floors encircling the building ensure the feeling of total security of the project.

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