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Continental Hotel Zara

The Continental Hotel Zara is a plunge into the elegant, déco atmospheres typical of Budapest and, at the same time, an experience of contemporary design.

Every single area has been designed to the finest detail by Studio Loft of Budapest who has been able to create a perfect mix of different suggestions. 6,000m² welcome guests with a mix of styles that make this venue even more unique and thrilling thanks to the use of design elements and surfaces chosen from Atlas Concorde range. The mosaics and the hues of Glow Planet bestow warmth to the suites bathrooms, the geometric pureness of the Melt mosaics combined with 30x60 and 60x60 sizes in Nero, give spaces a touch of refinement, while the swimming pool and the wellness area are covered with Studio Black, in its 30x60 textured finish, and Melt 30x60 in Beige and Corda colours.

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