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Grand Hotel Valies

05 July 2019

Located in a unique location in the center of Roermond, Holland, on the bank of the Roer river, the Grand Hotel Valies is a charming hotel where you can enjoy an atmosphere that recalls past eras. For years its central location has made it one of the most popular hotels in the city because of its proximity to many tourist attractions.

Surrounded by several historic buildings and the "Voorstad," one of the city's oldest districts, the building's beautiful art deco facade conceals a luxurious interior. It's a concept of luxury and esthetic and practical refinement that is also shared by Atlas Concorde, which was asked to furnish some of the building's indoor and outdoor areas with an all-Italian style.

Made in Italy, practicality and beauty are the optimal mix that Atlas Concorde brand products have been able to recreate in surfaces that are perfectly coordinated with the hotel's design.

The bold personalities of original, prestigious woods are conveyed by extremely natural and elegant interior tiles featuring an extraordinary graphic depth that evokes the appearance of new wood planks with extreme realism and authenticity. Distinguished also by a prestigious herringbone layout, the result recalls the floors of ancient European residences.

The appeal of rare natural stones of unchanging beauty is evident in the outdoor tiles, where the natural details have personalized the spaces with an essential style combined with practical design needs.

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