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Hasselt town hall

30 May 2019

Defined as the Belgian city of fashion and juniper, Hasselt is a lively and dynamic place offering state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities, fine shops and excellent restaurants.

In order to guarantee the best possible service to its visitors, the recently renovated city hall has been transformed into a place with a modern touch offering efficient services.

Built with a focus on the future, the building was quickly adapted to the changes in terms of sustainability thanks also to a roof garden made available to employees, who thus enjoy a view of the entire city.

Here, the earthy strength of Atlas Concorde's stone-effect porcelain tiles has made it possible to build a decisive surface, rich in natural details, adding personality to the space with its simple style. Original, rugged, and distinguished by a high level of graphic variability, the authentic heterogeneity and strength of the natural material in a seductive gray shade has made it possible to harmonize the external environment with the avant-garde design of the interior.

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