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In the west district of the Dutch town of Wallwijk an innovative multifunctional structure was recently built, combining residential and commercial spaces in a single project of contemporary design.

Atlas Concorde outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles were selected for the architectural design, providing the look of natural stone and excellent technical properties.

The Dutch complex includes private homes, apartments and a health and wellness center.

The outdoor spaces and walkways in the green areas of the modern Dutch structure feature Trust 2 cm thick stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles. LASTRA 20mm is the Atlas Concorde outdoor project that includes a wide selection of surfaces perfect for both commercial and residential contemporary outdoor spaces.

For the Koetshuis project, the LASTRA 20mm version of the Trust collection in Titanium shades combines the extraordinary aesthetic power of the look and detail of faithfully reproduced split stone and exceptional technical performance. Thanks to Atlas Concorde, the outdoor walkways in the heart of the garden and the outside area surrounding the hotel are safe surfaces, both slip-resistant and resistant to weathering.

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