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It's hard to choose which is the most beautiful view in Rome. The Capital is dotted with evocative monuments and places that fill the eye with beauty and bring to life a magnificent past. But there is a place where time seems to stop, a place where people from countries around the world come together to meet: the Trevi Fountain, magical and surreal, envied by tourists and a source of pride for the Romans.

In this stylish and cosmopolitan atmosphere, porcelain stoneware floors by Atlas Concorde were chosen to adorn the indoor spaces of a private apartment featuring style and elegance that define every detail. 

In particular, the gloss of the marble-effect Marvel collection of ceramics brings out the floors of the residence, creating surfaces with a high-quality look characterised by intense, natural veining that accurately reproduces the details of the original material. Selected in the 75x75 cm square format with a honed finish, the Atlas Concorde brand tiles were laid in different shades.

To distinguish the apartment's entry, the purity and charm of Calacatta Extra were used, an exquisite white that reflects all the refinement of marble in its bright ceramic surface. In contrast, the warmth of Beige Mystery and the decisive personality of Grey Stonealternate in the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms and the bathroom of the luxurious apartment.

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