Concrete effect for a fashion store

The concrete effect creates the ideal setting for displaying stylish objects.
The earthy surface and warm nuances of Boost define the comfortable, welcoming ambiance of a fashion store. The dualism created by the Tarmac color on the floor with the lighter shades of rough concrete defines pathways and lengthens the perspective, in an interplay of light and shadows interrupted only by objects and marble-effect inserts. The hexagons on the wall made with differently shaped tiles and inserts inspired by Murano glass in the Hex Jade mosaic add a note of color and vitality to the whole.
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 00 Tarmac-Grey
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 02 Tarmac
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 01 Tarmac-Grey ADV
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 03 Tarmac-Grey
AtlasConcorde Boost M03 02
AtlasConcorde Boost M03 07
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 04 Tarmac
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 08 Tarmac HexJade
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 07 Grey
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 06 Grey
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