iHome 2

Two modern and extremely sophisticated residential towers. A small and precious architectural gem, bringing together the splendid natural landscape and the most advanced man-made technology in a masterful project: with its irregular construction and massive glass panes that amplify the space, iHome is one of those striking buildings to have emerged from human creativity at its most advanced.

Facing the sea in the delightful town of Limassol in southern Cyprus, the residential complex offers many facilities, including a spa, a gym and a large swimming pool, to make the experience of living in these luxury apartments totally unique. Atlas Concorde is the selected supplier of floor and wall ceramic tiles in several of these apartments.

The company’s porcelain tiles, offering the perfect union between function and aesthetics, can create inspired indoor and outdoor areas, in harmony with all other furnishing elements.

Reinterpreting marble - the most noble of materials - in a ceramic key, vertical and horizontal walls in the apartments are clothed in a fabric-effect ceramic, the ideal solution for a highly ornamental interior design with a rich and warm appeal.

The solid material feel of cement-look porcelain tiles, with their rippling texture, echoes the arresting personality of the stone-look ceramics, whose bold surfaces with a wealth of detail confer style and vigour to the areas in which they are used.

The wood-look tiles bring a light touch and timeless charm, replicating all the natural effect of un-treated precious wood, to design exclusive modern interiors and exteriors.

The ceramic collections used to appoint the iHome apartments are: Marvel, Marvel Pro, Marvel Gems, Marvel Stone, Room, Warp, Brave, Etic Pro.