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Step out into luxury

From gorgeous patterns to vibrant colours, Atlas Concorde offers a luxury collection of beautiful patio tiles. Proudly made in Italy, our porcelain tiles are gorgeous examples of exceptional craftsmanship, designed to last.

Terrace tiles: a sophisticated outdoor finishes

Get ready to design eye-catching terrace surfaces with our range of high-end porcelain patio tiles. Ideal for tiles to use outside, our products offer both stunning colour variety and the endurance that designers call for when designing outdoor spaces.

Thanks to their anti-slip surfaces and durability when it comes to high foot traffic, our patio tiles can be used with confidence to transform both residential and commercial spaces.

At restaurants and delis, they can become part of the design aesthetic that patrons can enjoy, adding to unique experiences and enjoyment of the surrounding decor.

Terrace and patio tiles: patterns and effects

The benefits of our outdoor tiles are not limited just to terraces - they can also be used as balcony floor tiles, creating design impact in elevated areas that both business and homeowners can enjoy.

At Atlas Concorde, we also offer options for porcelain patio slabs, making it easy for installing perfect surfaces in a timely manner for client projects.

Additionally, thanks to the various tile sizes available in our range, designers and architects can mix and match options to create interesting patterns and effects. Our outdoor mosaics are equally successful when used with our terrace tiles - they can create pops of colour that infuse spaces with an almost eclectic, bohemian feel.

Perfect outdoor floor tile combinations

There are several patterns and textures of porcelain tiles in the Atlas Concorde range that match expertly with various terrace tiles.

Our wood effect porcelain tiles can create a natural and rustic look in any outdoor space, and for extra interest, they can be mixed with other textures and patterns to create a unique design.

Just as striking, our stone effect porcelain tiles can create elegant finishes.

For more industrial-feel types of designs, our concrete and resin effect tiles for outdoors are fantastic considerations to add an edgy touch to terrace designs.

Our terrace tiles’ can also go beyond just patio and deck areas. They can be used to create walkways, pool surrounds or even surfaces that surround fire pit areas or BBQ and grill areas.

Designers who want to add even more design flow, could consider using our terrace tiles for wall surfaces as well. This can create an interesting design effect, especially when matching colours as used that fit in perfectly.

With so much colour variety available, it will certainly be easy to make your terrace design project come to life.

So, browse our high-end patio tiles online and take a look at the Atlas Concorde Habitat and Atlas Plan lines as well, which perfectly match the look of our tile ranges. Keep our furniture and outdoor table options in mind when doing your design - you can create an incredible complete look! 

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