Large-format tiles for the home: benefits and tips

Large-format porcelain tiles are a trend that can respond to the design needs of all types of applications: walls and floors, kitchen counters and worktops, both for indoor and outdoor use. Large formats are a winning choice, perfectly coordinating architecture and interior design.
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 001 09 Ash-Ecru

But what are the main qualities of Atlas Concorde large-format porcelain tiles?

First of all, large format slabs stand out for their immense esthetic and graphic impact both on the floor and on the wall. Regardless of the effect or pattern, large-format porcelain tiles ensure a uniform rendering of the look and texture, resulting in a perfect perception of visual continuity across the surface. Large formats offer many effects and finishes of different inspiration that respond to a broad variety of needs and preferences.

AtlasConcorde MarvelX 007 00 CalacattaSublime
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 007 00 Taupe-Clay

In addition to esthetics, large-format slabs offer technical and functional benefits. In fact, porcelain tiles are one of the healthiest materials: they are hypoallergenic and free of toxic organic substances. The surface is compact and virtually free of pores, characteristics that ensure resistance against mites, bacteria, fungi, and molds. Porcelain tiles are also impervious to liquids (such as oil, wine, coffee and many others), easy to maintain, and can also be used in an array of indoor and outdoor settings.

XL-size tiles for the home
Large-format tiles are trendy solutions for residential kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors: indeed, large-format porcelain tiles are the solution that combines the style of contemporary design with the practicality of performance.
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The graphics are certainly one of the strong points of these products. The large dimensions ensure a visual continuity that allows the largest, most spacious and brightest spaces to stand out. Versatility also transforms them into solutions capable of overcoming the rigid distinction between architecture and interior design, becoming kitchen counters, table tops, and much more.

The large slabs also ensure fundamental practical aspects: they greatly reduce the amount of joints on the surface and therefore allow greater visual continuity both on the floor and on the wall, both indoors and out. The ceramic material is hygienic, durable, environmentally sustainable and easy to clean. The minimum thicknesses make installation easy and the products more manageable thanks to a lighter weight.

The compositional proposals are designed to satisfy a variety of tastes: Atlas Concorde offers a wide range of colors, looks, motifs, and decorative options.

Large marble-look slabs in the bathroom
Marvel Shine is a collection of marble-effect tiles inspired by the white marble of Italian artistic tradition, exploring new surfaces that are unique in their purity, tone, and brightness. Large marble-effect tiles in the bathroom offer a unique look in terms of purity, tone, and brightness.
AtlasConcorde MarvelShine 006 01 CalacattaPrestigio ADV
The bright white of the tile body is criss-crossed by continuous veins that bring out the tones of the material on the wall, floor, and even on furnishings. A realistic marble effect clads the volumes of furnishings and elements in the bathroom, giving the space simplicity, finesse, and elegance.
AtlasConcorde MarvelShine 006a 00 CalacattaPrestigio
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 010 00 Ivory BoostNatural-Ecru
Large stone-effect slabs for kitchen countertops
Boost Stone is the collection of stone-effect porcelain tiles with a simple, contemporary soul inspired by the limestone of the French Pyrenees. Boot Stone tiles are well-suited for the interior design needs of all settings, both commercial and residential. The Atlas Concorde collection is at its best in the kitchen, especially if used to clad furnishings like the kitchen counter.
The neutral palette and the extreme realism with which all the natural effects of the original material are meticulously reproduced give the kitchen a unique, decisive personality. The wide range of the collection allows for the expression of an unlimited creativity with large stone-effect tiles for the kitchen.
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 010 02 Ivory BoostNatural-Ecru
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 010 03 Ivory BoostNatural-Ecru
Large concrete-effect slabs for the outdoors

Boost Pro is the collection that complements the palette of the Boost collection with five warm shades, offering a creative selection of colors that stands out for its unique breadth and variety. Boost Pro large format tiles for outdoor floors, especially with a Grip finish and a 20 mm thickness, make possible coordinated projects with a consistent indoor-outdoor look that ensures continuity. The concrete effect enhances the simple, decisive personality of any setting. Special pieces complete the designs in every esthetic and functional detail.

AtlasConcorde BoostPro 005 17 Clay-Tobacco

Within Atlas Concorde's offering, Atlas Plan large-format (162x324 cm) ceramic slabs are created to meet all the design requirements of architects and designers in furnishing home as well as commercial spaces.

The 162x324 cm unrectified format of the slabs is designed for the creation of furnishing elements such as kitchen tops, backsplashes, integrated vanity tops and washbasins, countertops, table tops and desks, counters, and ventilated facades; both indoor and outdoor.

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